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[Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 (2-27-2016)


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4.5.1 RC supersedes/replaces 4.5, which in turn supersedes/replaces 4.0 (you only need one)

Once 4.5.1 becomes final I will drop 4.5 completely, the only reason I maintain 4.0 is for XP users (4.5+ is not compatible with XP)

Strangely enough 4.0 is downloaded most, I think this is because Win Vista/7 users see Microsoft Update telling them they need to download 4.0 and they don't know that 4.5 is best for them.

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I have never tried it, you could add /ai /norestart if it does


Currently it definately reboots, will try that...but first I have to set up clean VM...

Will report back, thank you :)


EDIT: Worked like charm (y)

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  • 3 weeks later...

4.5 installer by default was GDR but I patched it with KB2519265 to change it to take LDR updates (these are non security bug fixes,) with 4.5.1 (it changed) there are 2 installers with 2 sets of files


netfx_Full_GDR_x*.msi       andnetfx_Full_LDR_x*.msi
If you ONLY care about security updates you would choose the GDR, but if you want security updates and "hotfixes" from the microsoft knowledge base you should pick LDR (these will fail to install if you install the GDR)

If you are using the default EXE and you want to install the LDR branch you need to use


<ndp451_installer>.exe /trainswap

LDR = Limited Distribution Release (same as QFE = Quick Fix Engineering)

GDR = General Distribution Release

More info

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Hi rick, thanks for the updated installer, any idea when it will be pushed on Windows Update ?

Also, if I want to keep only French LP, it is OK to delete all netfx_FullLP*.msi and locale folders in system and system64 except French ones (and editing the sfx config of course) ?
Or maybe it is better to add the French files in the En-US installer ?

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Good day Rick. I would like to appeal to you with the request. Could you put installers language resources, as you have done in the next topic for further repacking your installer with the only Russian language packs.


Thank you in advance for your work, you are very simplifying life so I IT staff support.


I apologize for my bad English.

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