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[14 janvier 2020] Update list GDR pour Windows 7 SP1 x86/x64 (Fr-En-De-Es-It)

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Hello, Voici des Update Lists (UL) x86 et x64 à utiliser avec la dernière version de Windows Update Downloader (WUD), en partant d’un ISO de Windows 7 SP1. Elles reprennent le principe des m

Hello, J'ai trouvé une solution pour éviter l'installation mensuelle de MRT (et donc de l'emploi d'un leurre). C'est à confirmer, mais il semble qu'il suffit de créer cette clé:  

@phaolo, Please have a look in the Installers repack section of this forum. All of these programs can be integrated in "Silent installs + SFX" section of Wintoolkit with silent switches. @TheOtherJeff

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Voici ce que donne le Patch Tuesday ce jour sur Windows 7 (idem x86 et x64) :

Updates : KB3042058, KB3080446 remplace KB3079757 et KB2644515 (x86), KB3088195, KB3093513, KB3097966 remplace KB3083992, KB2999226

IE11 Updates : KB3093983 remplace KB3087038

W10 Updates : KB2952664 passe en v14, KB3035583 passe en v2, KB3083710 (mise à jour WU client)

Additional Updates : KB3080079 (septembre).


EDIT : Attention, KB3042058 n'est intégrable qu'en RunOnce, donc à placer dans la section Silent install + SFX de Wintoolkit. En attendant que le programme s'en charge automatiquement, cette mise à jour est renomée zWindows6.1XXX.msu dans les ULs pour que vous puissiez facilement la retrouver.

EDIT2 : Il semble que KB3093513 ne soit pas demandée dans toutes les configurations, uniquement si les fonctions Tablet PC sont activées. Mais sur une intégration fraiche elle n'est pas désisntallée par le deep-clean.

EDIT3 : KB2644515 est devenue obsolète en x86 (déjà retirée en x64).

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It's curious ! Do these machines have the same integration before, or did you add some updates (RDP 8.1, optional updates) ?

I'm only able to test x64 on my Virtual machine, I finally decided to keep Windows 10 on my real machine after tests and disabling Cortana and all telemetry reports.

I'm testing x64 ISO, if this update is useless it will be removed by deep-clean.

About x86 configuration, my other real machine with 7 pro has this KB proposed by WU.

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Updates : ...., KB3093513, ....


Strange, I updated until now 3 machines and WU requested this update only on 1 machine:


my work-pc, x64 prof, didn't request it

HP-laptop, x64 prof, requested it

VM, x86 HP, didn't requets it



Same here... Home Dell laptop Pro x64 didn't request it, Pro x64 VM did request it, same configuration   :confused02: :blink:

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@Pink_Freud and Thiersee,

Did you try to install it manually ? If it's really not needed you'll have an error message.

Yes, same result like Pink_Freud.

The update is listed in the same Security Bulletin MS-15-109 together with KB3080446.


Strange is, I updated the laptop of my brother in Italy (TeamViewer-session) and this KB has been requested and I got no errors; the laptop is new with W7 Pro x64 English/Italian preinstalled.

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I've finished tests in x64, UL is OK, with KB3042058 integrated in silent install + SFX. KB3093513 was not deleted with deep-clean. X64 UL uploaded.

I continue my round of tests with x86 version. I've uploaded UL but no time to test it until the end of the week.

I've updated the W10.vbs script with KB3083710.


ULs mises à jour uploadées. Tests OK avec la version x64, je poste la x86 quand même mais je ne pourrai pas la tester avant la fin de la semaine.

Script W10.vbs pour masquer les mises à jour de Windows 10 et de télémétrie mis à jour avec KB3083710.

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KB3042058 require servicing stack update KB3020369


KB3093513 is for Tablet PC, if the feature is disabled, it might not get offered

Thanks abbodi1406!

This is the explanation, because it was requested on my brother's laptop: preinstalled from HP, without features disabled.

KB3042058: I'll put it after KB3020369.

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what shoud this be for???


   <update id="KB" category="1" publishdate="2015-10-13" article="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/3087918">
    <title>KB - MAJ pour Windows 7 SP1 x86</title>
   </update> -->


<!--  Updates Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 -->

Present in all actual lists.

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As you can read this section is desactivated : it's just to facilitate me the task to add future updates : I just have to copy/paste with the number of updates, and add KB name, description, and link. :gleam:

OK, thanks.


I integrated today 4 time Win 7HP x86 and every time KB2992611 has been uninstalled by DeepCleaning; NOT in x64.

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KB2992611 is almost superseded, the only component that is not superseded is CipherSuiteOrder.admx policy definition


and Group Poilcy is found only in Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise editions


that's why the update is actually superseded completely for lower editions (S/HB/HP)

Thanks abbodi1406!

I was just beginning with the integration for HP without this KB to see if it's version-depending, but I read your answer at the right time ;).



I think you can move KB2992611 in the section for "only Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise"


Regards, Thiersee

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