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[TUTORIAL] Install Windows 7 FAST without USB/DVD, without the setup wizard [Fastest method] !


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Hello everybody,

Today I will show you how to install Windows 7 on a PC without a CD/DVD/USB, directly onto the HDD, even without the installation wizard/setup ! [Fastest Method]

Yesterday my new hard drive for my laptop arrived, and instead of cloning my existing disk, I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10. But I didnt have much time, cuz after installing windows 10, I had to copy my existing downloads, pictures, videos, install programs, etc. & I thought there must be some other way to easily install windows 10 without that installation wizard/setup. After some research, I made my own method, & installed it succesfully, faster than their setup wizard! Now I am gonna show you how to accomplish that. [This guide will work for Windows 8/8.1 also] Lets Begin! :)  


  • Seperate Hard Drive with atleast 20GB space, with only 2 primary partitions [where you have to install Win8/8.1] [An empty/new hard drive is highly recommended]
  • Working PC/laptop with Windows XP or above installed, with Internet access 


  1. Firstly, download Windows 7 ISO & extract it to C:\win7 using some archive manager like 7zip/winrar, or Copy the Windows 7 CD contents to C:\win7.
  2. Now connect that separate hard drive to your PC (If you have extra hdd cage, then connect to it, else buy a SATA to USB hard disk enclosure like this one)
  3. Open a command prompt as administrator (Go to start menu > search cmd > Rightclick on the first search result & Run as administrator)
  4. Type: diskpart
  5. Now type: list disk
  6. It will show the disks connected to your PC. According to the size shown, you should be able to know which is your disk. 
  7. Type: select disk X  [Replace X with the disk number which you saw in the previous guide, in my case it was disk 1]
  8. Type the following one by one: 
    create partition primary size=350
    format fs=ntfs unit=4096 label="System Reserved" quick
    assign letter=P
    create partition primary size="Any size convenient for you, in MB"
    format fs=ntfs label="Windows 7" quick
    assign letter=Q
  9. Your partitions have been configured! Now, if you are in Windows 7 (or below), download DISM from here, open the file, when It will ask for extraction folder, change the location to: C:\dism

  10. Now in Windows Explorer, browse to c:\win7\sources (sources folder inside the folder where you copied/extracted setup files) & check whether you have install.esd or install.wim. Now you have to know the index number of the edition which want to install. Type the following without quotes: 

    cd c:\dism
    ## [DO NOT TYPE THIS] Skip the first line if you are running Windows 8/above.
    dism /get-wiminfo /wimfile:C:\win7\sources\install.wim
    ## This should output the index numbers of different windows 7 editions.
    ## Note down the index number of the edition which you require.
  11. Now, this is the most important step. All the windows files are gonna get copied to the partition. If you are in Windows 7 or below, Open command prompt as administrator & type the following: 

    cd c:\dism
    Dism /apply-image /imagefile:C:\win8\sources\install.esd /index:1 /ApplyDir:Q:\
    ## [DO NOT TYPE THIS] You can replace /index:1 with the index number which we
    ## found out earlier.
    ## Also, if you have an insall.wim instead of install.exe in your \sources folder,
    ## Then replace install.esd with install.wim (in 2nd command).
  12. Now you have successfully extracted all the files for windows! :) Now, all you have to do is prepare the boot files in the System Reserved partition, so that Windows can be booted from the drive succesfully.

  13. Now you are gonna prepare the System Reserved partition for booting into Windows 7. Type the following in Administrator CMD Window:

    bcdboot Q:\Windows /l en-us /s P: /f ALL
    ## [DO NOT TYPE THIS] You can replace en-us with your locale,
    ## For eg. en-in, en-gb, en-ru etc.
  14. Everything is done! You are now ready to go! Now boot into the drive. If you did everything correctly & succesfully, then Windows will boot to the welcome screen. Done! Enjoy the manually installed Windows! :);) B) 


Hope this guide was helpful & easy to you. If you have doubt about something or you got any errors, or if windows doesnt boot after performing all the steps correctly, then feel free to post below.


Cheers & Regards,

niT3_RiDeR_Pr0 :)

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4 hours ago, bphlpt said:

Thanks,  niT3_RiDeR_Pr0, but I'm a little confused.  In your first paragraph, before "Let's begin", you mention Win10 several times.  Did you mean to say Win7?

Cheers and Regards

Nope, the story which I told is about windows 10, but the guide works for Windows 7 & 8.1 as well (I did this method for installing win10 on my laptop, actually).

Cheers & Regards :)

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This can happen if the user is using Internet Explorer or Edge, and the web app sending the silent sign-in request is in different IE security zone than the Azure AD endpoint (login.microsoftonline.com).</div> <div class="row text-body stack-trace text-caption wrap-content" data-bind="html: stackTrace"></div> <!-- ko if: svr.fIsOOBE --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: tenantBranding.BoilerPlateText --><!-- /ko --></div><!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $parent.currentViewIndex() === $index() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --> </div> </div></div> <div data-bind="component: { name: 'instrumentation-control',&#10; publicMethods: instrumentationMethods,&#10; params: { serverData: svr } }"><input name="i2" type="hidden" value="" data-bind="value: clientMode"> <input name="i17" type="hidden" value="" data-bind="value: srsFailed"> <input name="i18" type="hidden" value="" data-bind="value: srsSuccess"> <input name="i19" type="hidden" value="" data-bind="value: timeOnPage"></div> <!-- /ko --> </div> <!-- ko if: $page.showFedCredAndNewSession --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $page.showDebugDetails --> <div data-bind="component: { name: 'debug-details-control',&#10; publicMethods: $page.debugDetailsMethods,&#10; params: {&#10; serverData: svr,&#10; debugDetails: $page.debugDetails,&#10; useWiderWidth: $page.paginationControlHelper.useWiderWidth,&#10; isDebugTracingEnabled: $page.isDebugTracingEnabled },&#10; event: {&#10; closeBanner: $page.closeDebugDetails_onClick,&#10; setDebugTracing: $page.setDebugTracing_onClick } }"><!-- --> <!-- ko if: showBanner --> <div class="debug-details-banner table wide" id="debugDetailsBanner" data-bind="css: { 'wide': useWiderWidth }"> <div class="table-row"> <div class="table-cell"> <!-- ko if: svr.fShowCopyDebugDetailsLink --><!-- /ko --> <div class="override-ltr" data-bind="copySource: 'debugDetailsText'"> <!-- ko if: debugDetails.errorCode --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: svr.sessionId --> <div> <span class="bold">Request Id: </span> <span data-bind="text: svr.sessionId">a011c6dc-b7e9-4dab-88b9-b0dc89921b00</span> </div> <!-- /ko --> <div> <span class="bold">Correlation Id: </span> <span data-bind="text: svr.correlationId">7cb97f9b-ec13-4ee5-b2c4-fd608fcbbd5c</span> </div> <div> <span class="bold">Timestamp: </span> <span data-bind="text: debugDetails.timestamp">2021-09-22T07:43:38Z</span> </div> <!-- ko if: svr.strServiceExceptionMessage --> <div> <span class="bold">Message: </span> <span data-bind="text: unsafe_exceptionMessage">AADSTS50058: A silent sign-in request was sent but no user is signed in. The cookies used to represent the user's session were not sent in the request to Azure AD. This can happen if the user is using Internet Explorer or Edge, and the web app sending the silent sign-in request is in different IE security zone than the Azure AD endpoint (login.microsoftonline.com).</span> </div> <!-- /ko --> <!-- ko template: { nodes: $componentTemplateNodes, data: $data } --> <!-- ko if: $page.showConditionalAccessDebugDetails --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: $page.paginationControlHelper.showErrorPageDebugDetails --><!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --> </div> <!-- ko if: svr.urlSetDebugMode --> <div class="debug-trace-section"> <div> <span class="bold" data-bind="text: str['STR_Error_Details_Debug_Mode']">Flag sign-in errors for review:</span> <a id="setDebugMode" role="button" aria-label="Enable flagging" href="https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/debugmode" data-bind="&#10; href: svr.urlSetDebugMode,&#10; text: isDebugTracingEnabled() ? str['STR_Error_Details_Debug_Mode_Disable'] : str['STR_Error_Details_Debug_Mode_Enable'],&#10; ariaLabel: isDebugTracingEnabled() ? str['STR_Error_Details_Debug_Mode_Disable_AriaLabel'] : str['STR_Error_Details_Debug_Mode_Enable_AriaLabel'],&#10; click: setDebugMode_onClick,&#10; hasFocus: isFocusActivated() &amp;&amp; !svr.fShowCopyDebugDetailsLink">Enable flagging</a> </div> <!-- ko if: sending --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: debugModeError --><!-- /ko --> <div data-bind="text: str['STR_Error_Details_Debug_Mode_Desc']">If you plan on getting help for this problem, enable flagging and try to reproduce the error within 20 minutes. Flagged events make diagnostics available and are raised to admin attention.</div> </div> <!-- /ko --> </div> <div> <a id="errorBannerCloseLink" role="button" aria-label="Close troubleshooting details" href="#" data-bind="&#10; click: hideBanner_onClick,&#10; ariaLabel: str['CT_STR_Error_Details_Close_AltText'],&#10; hasFocus: isFocusActivated() &amp;&amp; !svr.fShowCopyDebugDetailsLink &amp;&amp; !svr.urlSetDebugMode"> <!-- ko component: 'accessible-image-control' --><!-- ko if: (isHighContrastBlackTheme || hasDarkBackground || svr.fHasBackgroundColor) && !isHighContrastWhiteTheme --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: (isHighContrastWhiteTheme || (!hasDarkBackground && !svr.fHasBackgroundColor)) && !isHighContrastBlackTheme --> <!-- ko template: { nodes: [darkImageNode], data: $parent } --><img role="presentation" alt="Close troubleshooting details" src="https://aadcdn.msftauth.net/shared/1.0/content/images/close_40eb39126300b56bf66c20ee75b54093.svg" data-bind="imgSrc, attr: { alt: str['CT_STR_Error_Details_Close_AltText'] }" svgsrc="https://aadcdn.msftauth.net/shared/1.0/content/images/close_40eb39126300b56bf66c20ee75b54093.svg" pngsrc="https://aadcdn.msftauth.net/shared/1.0/content/images/close_6278ec0ac116a229512ee5c448658b16.png"><!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --><!-- /ko --> </a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- /ko --></div> <!-- /ko --> </div> </div> <!-- /ko --></div> </div> </div> <!-- ko if: $page.paginationControlHelper.showFooterControl --> <div class="footer ext-footer" id="footer" role="contentinfo" data-bind="&#10; externalCss: {&#10; 'footer': true,&#10; 'has-background': !$page.useDefaultBackground(),&#10; 'background-always-visible': $page.backgroundLogoUrl }"> <div data-bind="component: { name: 'footer-control',&#10; publicMethods: $page.footerMethods,&#10; params: {&#10; serverData: svr,&#10; useDefaultBackground: $page.useDefaultBackground(),&#10; hasDarkBackground: $page.backgroundLogoUrl(),&#10; showLinks: true },&#10; event: {&#10; agreementClick: $page.footer_agreementClick,&#10; showDebugDetails: $page.toggleDebugDetails_onClick } }"><!-- ko if: !hideFooter && (showLinks || impressumLink || showIcpLicense) --> <div class="footerNode text-secondary" id="footerLinks"> <!-- ko if: showFooter --> <!-- ko if: !hideTOU --> <a class="footer-content ext-footer-content footer-item ext-footer-item" id="ftrTerms" href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-IN/servicesagreement/" data-bind="&#10; text: termsText,&#10; href: termsLink,&#10; click: termsLink_onClick,&#10; externalCss: {&#10; 'footer-content': true,&#10; 'footer-item': true,&#10; 'has-background': !useDefaultBackground,&#10; 'background-always-visible': hasDarkBackground }">Terms of use</a> <!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: !hidePrivacy --> <a class="footer-content ext-footer-content footer-item ext-footer-item" id="ftrPrivacy" href="https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-IN/privacystatement" data-bind="&#10; text: privacyText,&#10; href: privacyLink,&#10; click: privacyLink_onClick,&#10; externalCss: {&#10; 'footer-content': true,&#10; 'footer-item': true,&#10; 'has-background': !useDefaultBackground,&#10; 'background-always-visible': hasDarkBackground }">Privacy &amp; cookies</a> <!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: impressumLink --><!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: showIcpLicense --><!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --> <!-- Set attr binding before hasFocusEx to prevent Narrator from losing focus --> <a class="footer-content ext-footer-content footer-item ext-footer-item debug-item ext-debug-item" id="moreOptions" role="button" aria-expanded="false" aria-label="Click here for troubleshooting information" href="#" data-bind="&#10; click: moreInfo_onClick,&#10; ariaLabel: str['CT_STR_More_Options_Ellipsis_AriaLabel'],&#10; attr: { 'aria-expanded': showDebugDetails().toString() },&#10; hasFocusEx: focusMoreInfo(),&#10; externalCss: {&#10; 'footer-content': true,&#10; 'footer-item': true,&#10; 'debug-item': true,&#10; 'has-background': !useDefaultBackground,&#10; 'background-always-visible': hasDarkBackground }">...</a> </div> <!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: svr.fShowLegalMessagingInline && showLinks --><!-- /ko --></div> </div> <!-- /ko --> </div> <!-- /ko --></div> <!-- /ko --> <!-- ko if: isVerticalSplitTemplate() && isTemplateLoaded() --><!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --> <!-- /ko --></div> <!-- /ko --> </form> <form aria-hidden="true" method="POST" target="_top" data-bind="postRedirectForm: postRedirect"></form></div><textarea tabindex="-1" class="moveOffScreen" id="debugDetailsText" aria-hidden="true"> Request Id: a011c6dc-b7e9-4dab-88b9-b0dc89921b00 Correlation Id: 7cb97f9b-ec13-4ee5-b2c4-fd608fcbbd5c Timestamp: 2021-09-22T07:43:38Z Message: AADSTS50058: A silent sign-in request was sent but no user is signed in. The cookies used to represent the user's session were not sent in the request to Azure AD. This can happen if the user is using Internet Explorer or Edge, and the web app sending the silent sign-in request is in different IE security zone than the Azure AD endpoint (login.microsoftonline.com). </textarea></body>  
      The image is also attached

    • By mooms
      For international readers, here is an english thread: (you must be logged to MDL to see it).
      Cet Update Pack constitué d'un seul fichier, il permet de mettre à jour une installation "live" ou de faire une intégration dans une image wim de Windows 7 SP1 ou Server 2008 R2 , à la manière de WinToolkit, que ce soit en x86 ou en x64.
      La télémétrie est désactivée , et un patch pour installer les KB sur les CPU récents (Kaby Lake et + et Ryzen) est inclus.
      Exemple, avec cette commande, le pack va intégrer toutes les màj + IE11 localisé (détection de la langue automatique ) dans tous les index de l'image wim, puis optimiser cette dernière:
      UpdatePack7R2.exe /ie11 /Optimize /WimFile=C:\Win7AIO\sources\install.wim /Index=* Avec celle-ci, le pack va installer passivement les màj + IE11 localisé sur le système, puis redémarrer
      UpdatePack7R2.exe /ie11 /silent /reboot Il est possible de renommer le pack pour automatiser certaines actions:
      Un fil en anglais sur MDL qui en parle, avec liens de téléchargement et exemples:
      Page officielle avec liens de téléchargement (en Russe):
      Ce fichier téléchargera automatiquement la version la plus récente: https://update7.simplix.info/UpdatePack7R2.exe
    • By Hrishav Dhawaj Purkayastha
      I have been trying to download some ISO from Win ISO Downloader, but I am getting this error
      Please see this link for the actual error.   Win ISO Downloader Error Image [Screenshot]
      I have tried on different machines, it works fine with no issues, but after some time, it starts showing problems after a while and never allows me to download any other ISO.
      Any help will be helpful.
      I am using 
      Windows 10 x64 (ver. 20H2)
    • By BYTE-ME
      2021 Windows Mega Tweaks v 10.0
      All new, installable setup file that gives access to more than 100 Windows tweaks.
      File: BMTweaks10.1.7z CRC-32: 213e6985 MD4: 596f348005c26af05c967a4930bba0f1 MD5: b1d15639bb8977b20f18837fa0846a42 SHA-1: 81d1f8eee581cddf778cd03db60dffd64525a7f7 DOWNLOAD:  Tweaks 10.0
      Created an installer for the Tweaks and made them uninstallable Added a Readme.pdf file in the download archive to explain installation options Pruned the number of example Control Panel applets to five Many tweaks now make backups before changing registry keys Updated tame your control panel tweak Improved scripts to selectively remove buggy Windows updates and  telemetry features Added more than a half-dozen new tweaks Improved and annotated Windows Scheduled Tasks tweak and made disabling of Windows Defender and defrag, drives, optional                                            
      --------------------------------------------Tweak Guide Examples------------------------------------------------------
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