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Anyone encountered any problems yet?

I'm going to test the integration, I'm also adding a new feature update integration feature which i hope you will like, it's a secret for now EDIT: Confirmed not working, DISM error 0x801f0005 () EDI

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Hello, i normally use SmartWim to handle the image side of things i.e. Mounting, unmounting, etc.. but now i use WIMGAPI.dll directly and this so far has made mounting and unmounting 100% success!

In the next version SmartWim will be removed, also deleting images now works fully now that it uses wimgapi :D

Hopefully i will complete this soon and will release the next alpha. There has been a few bug fixes too since the last alpha.


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Although this build able to mounted & unmounted successfully But it is unable to delete mounted folder like previous builds done.

same here

and when try to add updates



to RC 7100

get errors "This is not for 7100"

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