How to create Microsoft Office 2007 Silent Installer

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Here is an example how to create your own Office 2007 silent installer!

Install Microsoft Office 2007 silently with SFX modified module using 7zip.

1 – Copy All your Office 2007 files inside a folder at the Operating System root: example: C:\OFFICE

2 – Install 7zip: 7z920.exe

3 – Download my files already created (7zsd.sfx [1.4.1]; config.txt; config.bat; config.xml examples): OFFICE_2007_2010_distribuable.rar

4 – Inside your CONFIG.XML file (using my example file) add your personnal values: key, Full name, company

5 – Set inside C:\OFFICE folder the files you need: 7zsd.sfxconfig.bat and config.txt for your Microsoft Office 2007 product (Enterprise or Standard Edition)!

6 – Download and extract SP3 for Microsoft Office 2007 with /extract switch to C:\OFFICE\UPDATES folder

7 – Create an Archive Office12.7z with 7zip (don’t forget to select the options for 7z and lzma or more inside the program)

8 – Select all files insde C:\OFFICE exept: 7zsd.sfx, config.bat and config.txt. Right click and select 7zip: Add to the archive…

9 – Name the Archive: Office12.7z and select options:

Create an archive with 7zip:

– Rename the file as Office12.7z inside 7zip
– Format: 7z
– Select: Compression level: Ultra
– Compression method: LZMA
– Dictionnary size: 64MB
– Word size: 64
– And OK

… Wait, because some time is needed…

10 – Once done, launch the config.bat file

11 – Your Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 (Office12.exe) is now created and fully unattended whithout switches.

12 – You can use your Office12.exe with a program like WPI, for example…

If Office 2007 is already installed on your computer and updated with SP3, you can use a vbs script to download the SP3 file on the temp\Updates folder.


Download links to SP3 files:




Because Office service packs are cumulative, you do not have to install Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 before you install Service Pack 3. Service Pack 3 includes all fixes which were included in Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2.

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