How to import Java Certificates to the System store

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If you ever had the need to import Java certificates to the System store, you might find it difficult because when you wanted to do that you could see that the Import button for the System store has been grayed out.

To achieve this here’s what has to be done:

Open Java Control panel through Windows Control Panel or in the run prompt type the following command:

javaws -viewer

Close the first popup/cache info screen and on the Security tab click on the Certificates button.

Import certificates under the User store by clicking the import button.

Once you have imported all of the certificates create the following folders:


In this location, we should copy all of the certificates that were previously imported in the User store using Java Control panel.

Along with that we should create two files:


Open deployment.config file in notepad and insert the following line:


Open file in notepad and insert the following line:

Now, we should navigate to this path:


Where you should replace %userprofile% with your username.

Copy the trusted.certs file from




You’re done.

Imported certificates should be now visible under System store in Java Control Panel and should be in use for each user that logs on that Server.

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  1. Thank you so much. You are the only one who explained how to create trusted.cert file (by importing it and taking the file from your app date in the profile folder)

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