Duplicate shortcut in the taskbar issue

You’ve just installed your cool new Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser and now you would like to pin it to the taskbar. You have right-clicked on the shortcut icon and clicked on Pin to taskbar command.

duplicate shortcut in the taskbar

Once the new shortcut has been pinned to the taskbar you’ve clicked on it and have noticed that a new icon appeared in the taskbar.

Luckily, this is easily solvable. I am guessing that this is just one of those minor bugs that have managed to squeeze under Microsoft Devs radar 🙂

So, to fix this, close the Microsoft Edge browser. Right-click on the Microsoft Edge shortcut icon and click on the Unpin from taskbar command.

duplicate shortcut in the taskbar

Now, run the Microsoft Edge browser again and once the shortcut appears in the taskbar right-click on it and select the Pin to taskbar command.

That’s it. This is how you solve a duplicate shortcut in the taskbar issue. Now all of your Microsoft Edge tabs will be clustered in one shortcut icon rather than 2 different icons on the taskbar.

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