Windows 10 Bug blocks Windows Updates and Downloads from MS Store

Windows version 1809 update will probably be marked as the release with the most problems since Windows 10 was launched.

Windows 10 v1809

As most of you already know, v1809 suffered a lot of issues since it was released in November 2018, but the fun isn’t over yet. Many Reddit and Twitter users are reporting Windows Update issues along with the Microsoft Store download problems.

However, this time, although this is the problem with Windows 10, it is not Microsoft’s fault. This time the problem is related to DNS (Domain Name Servers) bug.

It appears that most issues were reported from users in the United States on Comcast or in Europe on BT services. These users are reporting problems when trying to initiate updates through Windows Update and that the Microsoft Store is blocking application downloads and updates.

It is unclear why these DNS issues are affecting only BT and Comcast services and thus it might take some time before this problem gets patched.

Although Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed this issue a quick DNS fix can solve this problem for affected users.

In the Start Menu type Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center.

In the left pane click on the Change adapter setting.

Double-click on the Ethernet connection and click Properties.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Type in preferred DNS server address.

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