iPhone could not be restored. Error occurred (1611)

If you are like me, an iPhone or iPad user and have the need to restore the software on your device, you might receive the following error:

The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1611). 

You may also receive this error with error code (1604) and (1609). If you find this solution useful and had a different error code, please post your comment below.


I have tried various sources on the net, but I haven’t found anything that would solve my issue, although the solution was fairly simple.

I have used the front USB ports on my Lenovo machine at work (haven’t tried it at home PC though) and when I’ve choosed to restore iPhone or iPad and after device restarted, Windows was looking for the iPhone/iPad drivers again. As this process takes some time because Windows always searched the Windows Update for drivers, device installation always failed.

The problem lies in front USB ports. I presume that low power or something else is the culprit.

So, before anything else, try to use onboard (rear side of your PC) USB ports. It should help.

Feel free to post your comments below.

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3 Responses

  1. duy says:

    Thanks! That worked for me too!

  2. Quinton says:

    Please Help

    The iPad 3 could not be restored. An unknown error occurred

  3. bryan says:

    thanks… problem solved and my ipad is up n running.

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