How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files with Disk Drill. Win a Free PRO License [Giveaway]

Losing personal data, whether it was a document, a photo or other type of important files can be very stressful. Once data is lost, Windows users usually seek for a solution on the Internet, searching for the best file recovery software that could recover deleted files. Unfortunately, in the vast assortment, it can be confusing to choose the software that would do the job properly.

How to Recover

Cleverfiles Disk Drill for Windows can be useful and do the recovery job for you. Disk Drill for Windows is a free-basic/pro application that has the ability to recover deleted files on Windows, including your computer’s hard drive, external devices like USB drives, any types of memory cards or even music players.

How to Recover

Disk Drill for Windows supports a wide range of file systems, including NTFS, FAT32; EXT and HFS+ and can be installed on Windows 7, 8 or 10, including outdated Windows Vista and XP operating systems. It also recognizes more than 350 files, with the list still growing.

For the testing purposes, we will show you how to restore permanently deleted files in Windows 10 using Disk Drill software.

Once installed, Disk Drill is easy to use with quick and deep scan options, although inexperienced users will probably use the Recover button that runs all recovery methods by default. Once the scan is completed we should select the recovery location that should be located on a different partition/drive than the drive we’re recovering from. After selecting the files we want to recover all we have to do is click on the Recover button to recover permanently deleted files. That’s it, simple as that!

With the Basic version of Disk Drill, you can recover up to 500MB for free. Pro license that can be used by 1 user on up to 3 computers will cost you $89. For an additional $29 you can additionally get Lifetime upgrades for Disk Drill Pro version.

Disk Drill also features premium data protection with Recovery Vault. Once enabled, Recovery Vault offers additional protection for all of your important files by storing detailed information about every file that you delete ensuring that these files can be fully recoverable.

Disk Drill is a software that can answer your question on how to recover shift deleted files on Windows operating systems. will provide 3 Disk Drill for Windows Pro licenses for our readers. To enter this giveaway please like Disk Drill and WinCert Facebook pages at:

Also, please leave a comment below with your full name and email (email will remain hidden) so we can contact you in case you are one of our lucky winners.
Winners will be announced on June, 30th.

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