Microsoft releases the source code for new Windows Terminal app

Microsoft has recently released the source code of their new Windows Terminal application for Windows on Github. It features multi-tab support with improved font rendering along with other good stuff.

In the close future, the company plans to publish the Terminal on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices.

For now, the new Windows Terminal will not replace any command line interface currently available on Windows operating systems. But, considering that the new interface looks better and is bringing a couple of new features, Microsoft hopes that devs and admins will choose it and dump all other interfaces that are currently available for Windows.

Microsoft decided to go with the new Command Line interface after they have realized that well-known command prompt or conhost.exe could not be used for the implementation of many features that were requested by the community.

One of the key features of the new Terminal is multi-tab support which allows you to launch multiple and different terminals from the same interface. For instance, you’ll be able to run a PowerShell, Command Prompt and/or other Linux Terminal installed on the Windows system.

Microsoft noted that Windows Terminal uses accelerated DirectWrite Direct-X based text rendering engine. This will result in rendering improvements of the interface and the option to use symbols, emoji, ligatures or glyphs installed on the device.

The Terminal will be customizable by using profiles. These profiles can contain their personal font styles and sizes, color themes, backgrounds, etc.

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