Windows Mixed Reality, Acer’s huge step into the right direction

Whether you wish to surf the web, play a video game, watch a movie or just enjoy a little bit of the virtual reality, Windows Mixed Reality is the thing for you.

mixed reality

It uses the hardware from your computer and it is a very flexible system, using all types of hardware but the better your computer components are, the better your experience will be. Some applications that you will be able to run could be super immersive and some might even use surroundings from your real world and in a way make a map of it and place it into your Mixed Reality.

Mixed reality headset is so much more available to consumers when it comes to its price and it uses only a single cable to connect to a computer running Windows 10. Moreover, even the integrated Intel HD graphics will be able to power it.

Windows Mixed Reality has a much higher quality graphics than Samsung Gear VR, and also, while wearing the headset, you will be able to reach all the apps like on your computer running Windows 10. You will be able to see a home and from there you get to choose the room you are in and click on what your preference is using an Xbox One controller. You move around using your gaze and it is very simple, convenient and fun to use.

It all sounds pretty amazing, especially if we point out that it is super light, as it weights only 350g, but even though it was announced in June last year, it will still take some time before it reaches the consumers so some patience will be required.

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