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  1. Win Toolkit

    BUGS: Do not post bugs in the comments. Post bugs here instead.
    Win Toolkit is a lightweight and easy to use application that was created in order to help you customize your Windows installation!
    With this tool you can integrate Addons, Drivers, Gadgets, Language packs, Modified Files, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Silent Installers, Updates. You can also remove features such as Windows Media Player and customize Windows default services state. Win Toolkit also comes with extra tools which helps you convert files, make ISOs, download the latest updates (thanks to SoLoR and McRip), and completely customize your images to tailor your Windows installation disk to your exact needs.
    Win Toolkit is the new name for Windows 7 Toolkit. Some features also work for Windows 8.
    XP and Vista users: You will need to use the DISM Installer and .NET Framework 3.5 in order for Win Toolkit to work on your Operating System!
    P.S. I have noticed that some people post questions and bugs in the 'reviews', I don't really check these so you are better off posting them in the forum.
    Tools Manager is the main window for Win Toolkit, there are many tools which you can select.
    Main - Basic
    All-In-One Integrator
    This is the greatest tool in Win Toolkit, it's let you integrate, Addons, Remove Components, Drivers, Gadgets, Language Packs, Edit Services, Silent Installs, SFX, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Updates and Wallpapers!
    ISO Maker
    This is what it says on the tin, it creates your ISO file for you to burn! Now supports UEFI!
    USB Boot Preparation
    Prepares your USB stick so you can install Windows from it, obviously your computer needs to support USB booting!
    Main - Intermediate
    All-In-One Disk Creator
    This tool let's you combine all your WIM files into one DVD, this is most commonly used is to merge x86 and x64 disks.
    Unattended Creator
    I'm sure you can guess what this is, this creates an Unattended file which you use to install Windows with, just create and make sure you place the new file in the DVD root.
    WIM Manager
    Manage and edit your install.wim, for example you can rename images, delete images, add new ones, create ISO, rebuild, mount, unmount, etc... You can also use this tool to integrate your unattended files.
    Main - Advanced
    Component Removal
    This program let's you remove over 100 components which comes with Windows, some of them are Internet Explorer, IIS, Windows Media Player, Sample Pictures, Tablet PC components, etc... I am also planning on adding some more eventually.
    WIM Registry Editor
    This tool mounts the wim and then it's registry so you can add your tweaks into that image!
    Main - Updates
    Alphawave's Downloader
    Download the latest updates for Windows 7, 8.1 and Office 2013!
    Addon Maker
    This tool is for advanced users to create .WA files which other users can use the All-In-One Tool to integrate into your image.
    Capture Image
    Captures new WIM images, so you can use that new image to install Windows.
    Driver Installer
    This will install drivers on your currently installed system using pnputil.exe, it will only install the drivers you need.This tool also lets you uninstall drivers too.
    Language Pack Converter
    Converts Langauge Packs which are in the exe format to cab so you can integrate them.
    MSU > CAB Converter
    Converts MSU to CAB files so you can integrate them or install on your current OS via the CAB Installer.
    MSP Extractor (MS Office)
    Converters Office Updates to msp so they can automatically install when you install Office.
    SWM Merger
    Merge *.swm files into a larger *.wim file so it can be edited.
    WIM Splitter
    This tool splits your install.wim into multiple files so you can fit them onto multiple CDs.
    Update Installer
    This will install updates on your currently installed system, probably mostly used by those who use SoLoR or McRip Updates. This tool also lets you uninstall old updates too.
    Update Retriever
    When Windows Update downloads updates, the cab files get left in a folder. This tool retrieves those files so you can integrate them.

    This has links to the most popular downloads you should need for Win Toolkit.
    Windows 7 SP1 ISO
    Since i prefer my users to use the latest service packs, i have added a link to a completely free, legal and official download source to the Windows 7 SP1 DVD. Note, you will still need your own serial key.
    If you have any problems, bugs, requests click the 'Win Toolkit' link above.




  2. Windows 7 SP1_Refresh ISO

    Links to the SP1 Disks are below. The 'Download' button above has the Service Pack 1 documentation.

    Please do not message me to ask if i have an ISO in your language, i don't have any links for them. If i did then i would of added them in here. You can always integrate your language into these ISO's if you can't find your language.
    Do not under any circumstances ask for serials, cracks or anything that will break the forum rules.




  3. FreeRAM Tool

    FreeRAM Forum
    This tool lets you right-click the icon next to the clock and free up any unused memory. You can also enable the timer to do this every 10 seconds
    To make the program start on Windows Startup then place the .exe in:
    "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
    The program remembers if you have enabled the timer or not for next startup, if you wish to change how often the timer will free-up ram then open regedit:
    HKLM\\FreeRAM, change timer (milliseconds)
    I do not claim this optimizes RAM, it just free's up unused memory. Some people argue that is bad however this tool may help some people, if it does then keep it if not then you're free to simply delete it. This is just an experiment however some people have mentioned improvements when using this tiny app.
    Someone asked me to make this app to see if it would help their computer. This will always remain free and if there is a new version i will release the source code with it, it's nothing complex.



  4. Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)

    DISM can now be downloaded from here.




  5. Windows 8 RTM

    Links to the Windows 8 disks are below. The 'Download' button above has the Windows 8 installer, in case you want to upgrade from Windows 7.
    Please do not message me to ask if i have an ISO in your language, i don't have any links for them. If i did then i would of added them in here. You can always integrate your language into these ISO's if you can't find your language.
    These lSOs are directly on Microsoft servers. You need to have a serial key to install these which you get from either purchasing Windows 8 or trying out the evaluation (link provided below)
    Do not under any circumstances ask for serials, cracks or anything that will break the forum rules.

    Windows 8 evaluation for developers

    This evaluation provides a 90-day trial of Windows 8 Enterprise edition. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available as ISO images in the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish. In order to use this evaluation, you must register and the product must be activated online with Microsoft-hosted activation and validation services. Microsoft does not provide technical support for this software.

    Direct Links

    Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit (x86) Version.

    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (x64) Version




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