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  1. Why thank you ... must mean that it was good. Seriously though, a bit of OCD cleaning does not hurt either. :punk:
  2. Uhmmm ... probably not. However, I can give long distance advice. If you are not going to use it in a year (or have not used it for more than a year), get rid of it. The point of that is "if you are not going to use it, why have it?". Seriously, one year and you have not unpacked/cleaned up/cleaned out, you are pushing it on being a hoarder. Five years .... you went too far, you *are* a hoarder. Twelve years .... you surpassed the limit and just need to have a house fire. *BAM* problem solved.
  3. Ok. It appears I have lame hardware. At least I know that now. Nothing caused by WinToolkit. It is just an odd DVD burner that likes to do stupid stuff. All is well now. I installed from a USB drive and everything works as it should. DVD burner just being bad. Probably need a new one.
  4. You people are sad. Get in gear and get unpacked! Good to hear you are still with us Legolash2o. We look forward to future updates.
  5. This error does not happen in Win7Toolkit. It only happens when I use the resulting ISO (burned to a DVD-RW). I try to install from that and my computer appears to have issues. Not sure if it is the hardware or the DVD.
  6. I seem to be having a reoccuring error when building an install image with the latestest WinToolkit (build 65). "Windows cannot install required files. Makre sure all files required for installation are available and restart installation. Error code: 0x8007048F" Anyone have any ideas what "update could be causing this error, or is this just another bug with the latest WinToolkit? If anyone cares, I have included my last three option presets. All three give the same error.
  7. Likely your issue is related to "running out of space". WinToolkit makes a mount of the wim files (by default) to your system drive. Typically your system drive is also the location of the temporary directory. Both of those together could have caused your system drive to get full and therefore causing odd problems with your other programs (I have seen it happen when a drive gets full). The big lesson here is to make sure you have *lots* of room free on the drive that WinToolKit uses for its work.
  8. Thank you Kel. As always, your work is greatly appreciated.
  9. To add further information on this discussion, most if not all of your hdd storage providers have the following note attached to the technical specifications of their hdds (this quote was from Toshiba's website):
  10. Scratch that. Appearantly there are options on the left side to pick what you want to view. I seem to have had the "Post in the last year" option selected. I do not know how that happened. Anyway this thread can be deleted or closed.
  11. There seems to be a bug when following the "View New Content" link at the top right of the webpages. I get 54 pages of all content. The only good thing about this seems to be that on the first couple of pages are "highlighted" as if they were new posts, while there is still additional read posts that fill the rest of the pages.
  12. Actually, I have tried this program out. Kind of spiffy. Reminds me of the "good ol" XP days.
  13. Technically you can (easily), but only if you programmed using the Qt IDE. But that is another discussion.
  14. Don't feel bad about that. I learned what the "original" definition of Gigabyte was before the storage companies decided to change it. That is why I still answer 1 GB = 1024 MB. Say what you will about the storage companies that changed the definition, I will stick with what I learned.
  15. The fact that you had to go through the whole process is still "criminal" to me. Best of luck to your future MS endeavors.
  16. It depends on who defines what the Gigabyte and Megabyte are. In basic computer science technical terms, a Gigabyte is equal to 1073741824 bytes (1024^3) or 1048576 kilobytes (1024^2) or 1024 megabytes (check google's caculation on that). So depending on what you consider is a real byte, I consider 1024 to be correct in computer science terms. Most storage companies actually have changed to the "1000" number in order to less confuse customers. Storage companies did that, even though those numbers are incorrect.
  17. While I agree "cracking" software without paying for it is bad, in ways it does make some people who "crack" those games more likely to purchase the game legally. Take for instance those people who regularly "download" games without paying for them. Those people do not pay for those games, so the legal "grey" area is that they would have never paid for the game anyway. Some of those people like the game well enough to come back and pay for it. Yes, the argument is not etirely 'strong', but the hacking underground will happen no matter what companies do. Make the game good enough, people will pay for good products, despite what hacking has been done.
  18. Off Topic: As if MS never "broke" any rules when its company was getting started ... I never had to activate MS-DOS or even Windows 95 to make them run. They just worked. MS treats its customers nearly as if they were criminals these days. I paid for it legally. It does not mean I want to deal with their crap activation.
  19. crashfly


    Hey, no need to apologize to us. You do this programming because that is a *hobby* to you. We thank you for what time you *do* give us. Thank you very much. Carry on at your earliest conveinence.
  20. Really? Hmmmm ... makes me want to just hack the activation instead. That seems a bit harsh. I guess the flip side to that would be to just pay for an MSDN license in which you would get a bunch of keys with I think up to 10 activations on them. (or course one could back up your activation if your computer did not change its hardware, but that is all a seperate topic) ...
  21. Appearantly, the "McRip" update server is active. However, due to a broken setup I have with IPv6, WinToolkit was trying to connect over IPv6 and not IPv4. Disabled IPv6 (at least temporarily) and everything started working. I know I have a borked IPv6 implementation. I am working on fixing that. I did not realize it was going to be an issue with WinToolkit. Still, there are no direct links for the "McRip" update catalog. @Legolash2o - Secondly (as a possible selection), it may be a good idea to implement a check for both IPv6 connectivity and IPv4 connectivity (or at least the choice if IPv6 does not work).
  22. I am not a new person when it comes to using WinToolkit (using v. However I am having some difficulties with trying to locate the updates to use with WinToolkit. Currently the error message I get when pressing the "Update Catalog" button is: I do have an active internet connection and I am not behind a proxy. Also, I have searched the forum and have been unable to find the links to get directly to the "McRip" updates or even the "SoLoR" updates. Anyone got any ideas?
  23. It is necessary to take the time to thank the developers of such free tools. I am glad you are around working on the wonderful program you have created Legolash2o.
  24. LOL! Yeah that is a start. Maybe the original poster would like more direct links. For instance, something like perl, I would like straight to their homepage http://www.perl.org/ as that is where I first learned to program perl.
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