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  1. Ok I will check this out Mr.McNally. What else did you add to your win source cd? What did u use for integration? Did you tweak anything else in Nlite if U use it? Edit: I think I located the problem, it should be ok now. version 0.2 is up Take notice at registration info if you have any intettions of registering your program. Cheers P.S sorry Mr.McNally I acidently push edit button instead of quote button. :sweatingbullets:
  2. Thanks Mr.McNally I'm glad you find this addon useful. I also tried it on virtual and I have been using trial version on real machine also. Your password/loging in could conflict with program? Do you have administrator privileges when you log in. Do you have any program that monitors startup application like Startup Control Panel? BTW I did not encounter any problems running on startup and I have admin privileges but I don't use pass login.
  3. RegTweakage.NET v0.2 Beta Download: Gorki_AddOn_RegTweakage.NET_0.2b_0.1.cab MD5: B36DA5F0EB9DF3DBD2E3CEC2A4933748 Install directory: Start/Utilities Note: Requires .NET application and internet connection
  4. Extract all addon content (3 files) to any folder. right click on AIOAero.inf and choose Install...when asked browse AIOAero.cab (in folder where you extracted addon) and hit ok. That is it.
  5. Swichless installer can be found here.
  6. Really cool stuff! :notworthy: ThX!
  7. I'm glad you enjoy! Cheers and welcome!
  8. What people? About this addon? LOL... I see no reason why would not work? AddOn works fine and it really integrates and shows lyrics in WMP if you enable plugin in WMP itself . Edit: I'll remove download link for now untill I test it on real machine yust to be 100% shure... I will do it tomorrow.
  9. Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player Download: Pending... MD5: E502CCF1A2432B23E2BC05E14F11EF99
  10. Gorki


    Nice and free tool cro-man! :thumb_yello:
  11. St.George that border si also visible in MSN 8.5 before loging in... It's also big. If u wont I can take ScreenShoot in PNG for you...? Rest is up to you..as I see you are good using photoshop so that would not be a problem for u?
  12. How so? What's the problem windowsguy?
  13. Well I personaley don't use Nero... and even If use it I would still reconsider adding it to pack cause of few reasons: * not everyone uses nero * nero gadget is too big * sidebar or nero could require relatively often update so redownloading one huge file could also represent problems for creator/host uploading and user downloading (in connection,traffic,etc...) Not everyone should agree with me but this is just my personal opinion on this subject
  14. LOL VastoLorde I think you gonna love this
  15. Integrate, I believe Rick wonted to ask U if you slipstreamed sidebar (use it as addon) on your fresh Xp cd with all other needed files like IE7 and WMP11,etc.. ? So did you do whole clean XP install along with other addons including sidebar,etc or did you manually install sidebar latter? :sleeping:
  16. Human for Windows by ~FioreSSj Webiste: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37743373/ Download: Gorki_Theme_HumanFW_0.1.cab MD5: 65BC9BA878803AA832AE212FFCACB1F8 NOTE: Addon includes Human cursors and 10 different colored wallpapers from pack itself. I also added original Ubuntu background,and Ubuntu wallpaper is set as theme default wall, both in high resolutions (1600x1200). Theme also requires Segoe UI and Segoe UI Bold font ,you can found in Rick's addon here
  17. Gladly but my attachments are >95% so I have less than 100KB free space left
  18. There where few problems while repacking .cab please download again. It's fixed now
  19. ThX for noticing bober. I accidnetly douplepacked it. It's fixed now please redownload. ThX!
  20. IllumeCG 2008 V1 by ~spaceqcg @318.7 KB 56A912A85667C712BF5E337814D4E06B NOTE: Addon includes Digital Blue Wallpaper Preview.
  21. Visty V2.0 by ~GensouRay Webiste: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58150661/ Download: Gorki_Theme_VistyV2_0.1.cab MD5: 7AF91888DDDF48CBABD5AB7E4FF543CB NOTE: Addon includes Aurora wallpaper. If someone has original wallpaper shown on screen please upload it here so I can upload my theme addon. Thanks
  22. Thanks MrNxDmX, always clean and smooth..no problems using .alt solution :thumb_yello:
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