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Create English ISO on a German OS


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Hi All,

I try to create an English iso file with my German Windows7_x64 OS Development-PC.

The English isofile I used is X17-59186.iso (Win7 SP1 X64 EN).

If AIO from WTK is processing the updates, IE9 (982861) is marked green but all the others (incl. language pack german) are marked red.

Did I forget to set a special checkmark somewhere?

Is there a log file I could check for getting further information about the problem?

Thank you very much and hav a great weekend.



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Hi Sputnik,

I would say: the updates you try to integrate (at least those in the picture) are to old (february 2012 and earlier), try to get actual updates,

for example with McRip Updates (more than 400, many are not really needed for every user).

Information about patches can you read here (only german).

If you try to get an ISO-file in english, why do you integrate a german LP?

If you want to have both languages integrated, then you need Win7-Ultimate, as user jojo-I am professional already said.

I think the integration is not dependent from the OS-languages you are using to integrate.

My integration (Win 7 Prof SP1, WinToolkit, all the Updates coming from Windows Update and some patches for .NET-FW), is running without problems.

And now in german:

Ich würde sagen: die Patches (mindesten die im angehängten Bild) sind zu alt (Feb. 2012 und früher); versuch mit aktuellen Patches,

z.B. die, die du von McRip-Katalog bekommst (es sind mehr als 400, aber nicht alle für jeden User notwendig).

Infos über die Patches kannst du hier lesen.

Wenn du versuchst ein ISO-Image in Englisch zu erzeugen, warum willst du ein deutsches Language-Pack integrieren?

Solltest du versuchen, beide Sprachen gleichzeitig zu haben, dann brauchst du Win7-Ultimate, wie jojo-I am professional schon sagte.

Ich denke nicht, daß die Sprache des OS deines Develop-PC eine Rolle spielt.

Meine Integration (Win7-Prof-SP1, WinToolkit, alle Updates, die über Windows-Update kommen und ein paarPatches für .NET-FW) läuft ohne Probleme.

MfG, Thiersee

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Thanks Jo and Thiersee,

sorry, the screenshot was wrong.

I tried Ultimate and Professional (without LP) and wasn't able to integrate any Updates.

So I get the feeling that the language of the iso file has to be the language of the OS, WTK is working on. Why is that?

A friend of mine is going to spain and wanted to have a current English DVD, so that´s why I came accross the idea. My German ISOs (incl. Net-FW) worked great with this awesome tool.

Did any of you try to work with an iso of another language?

Attached the current screenshot with Ultimate and newer Updates ... same.

Thanks for all your help!

Thiersee, thanks for the German part, but English is o.k. for me ... or does mine sound so bad? :confused02:



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Thiersee, thanks for the German part, but English is o.k. for me ... or does mine sound so bad? :confused02:


No, of course!

But just a question:

do you work with TEMP on a RAM-Disk?

Just after my answer I tried to integrate with TEMP (Windows) and WinToolkit_Temp on a RAM-Disk and I got similar problems...

I'm now integrating my Professional with the last updates and after that I would try an integration for an italian ISO on my german system.



I don't have an italian-ISO, only the same like you: english X17-59186: I will try with englisch.

Edited by Thiersee
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Forget my question about RAM-Disk!

I tried now with an english ISO (x17-59186) on my german OS (Win7 Prof SP1):

exactly the same result as you :ranting: !

I think, Lego should have a look at this "bug".



May be a solution for your problem could be to install an englisch version in a VirtualBox and to integrate there.

Edited by Thiersee
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Hi Sputnik89,

May be a solution for your problem could be to install an englisch version in a VirtualBox and to integrate there.

I installed Win 7 english in the VirtualBox and I tried it for you ;) !

The result:

it has NOT changed, but the problem I found out is not the different OS-Language, the problem are the files without the same language as the OS!

What I mean:

in my INI-file I have IE9-german, SP-Mode german and IE9-LP german: if I start integrating only this files are getting green, ALL other go red;

if I delete this files from the INI ALL files go green and get integrated!

An integration in two steps (first this three files alone and in the second step all other patches) did NOT help too.


a German-AIO-ISO with a german Win7-SP1-ISO (x17-59885) and the same INI will be generated under Win7 english in the VirtualBox without issues!

A secondary advantage generating the ISO within the VirtualBox: the run is (in my case) 40-45% faster; but this is not so important.


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More testing tomorrow (LanguagePack, IE9 ...) ...



as I wrote, a two steps integration did not work (same error), no matter in wich "direction": first all updates and then IE9, LP an IE9-LP, or the opposit way.

Remember: after integration the updates are not installed, they are only on "Install pending"-status.


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I made another try, this time with Italian.

Same errore if I use some files in another language as the language of the ISO I'm trying to build.

If I substitute this "spurious" files with the same file in the same language of the ISO, then I do not get any updates red, all green.

Without any doubt the OS-language I'm working with is NOT the origin of tis error.

Regards, Thiersee

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