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[SVCPACK] VMware Workstation Lite 6.5.3 build-185404


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vmware.gifWorkstation Lite v6.5.3 build-185404

Info: Reduced from 507 MB to 64 MB (kept only Windows.iso.) Creates a fully registered VMware Workstation "Lite" addon/installer (you provide the serial.) Extract the 7-Zip archive and follow the instructions provided in the "Docs" directory.


MD5: 3e7fcb6185aceb01b7fc8c87aa8d8470

Size: 64.2 MB

Website: http://www.vmware.com

Download v7 by bjfrog: http://ifile.it/9jmconx


Info: You integrate this into your iso and it will install VMware Tools unattendedly and you will be able to drag & drop + copy & paste on first login of your "test" install in the VM (will only install on virtual machine, will fail during your real install)


MD5: b3c24f2e5a30cee698cbc509c36ba3ae

Size: 8.99 MB

Example Config.txt: (Dissables Desktop Shortcut and also adds Name, Company and Serial)

RunProgram="\"VMware Workstation.msi\" /qn STARTMENU_SHORTCUT=1 DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=0 QUICKLAUNCH_SHORTCUT=1 USERNAME=\"John Doe\" COMPANYNAME=\"Microsoft\" SERIALNUMBER=12345-67890-ABCDE-FGHIJ /norestart"

Removed Dirs:
VMware VIX\*
VMware Workstation\messages\ja\*
VMware Workstation\Visual Studio Integrated Debugger\*

Removed Files:
VMware Workstation\freebsd.iso
VMware Workstation\freebsd.iso.sig
VMware Workstation\linux.iso
VMware Workstation\linux.iso.sig
VMware Workstation\p2vHlprJPN.dll
VMware Workstation\p2vWizardJPN.dll
VMware Workstation\SingleJobRunnerJPN.dll
VMware Workstation\solaris.iso
VMware Workstation\solaris.iso.sig
VMware Workstation\TPClntdeu.dll
VMware Workstation\TPClntjpn.dll
VMware Workstation\TPViewdeu.dll
VMware Workstation\TPViewjpn.dll
VMware Workstation\winPre2k.iso
VMware Workstation\winPre2k.iso.sig
VMware Workstation\pkg\installer.sh
VMware Workstation\pkg\vmware-install.pl
VMware Workstation\pkg\VMware-Player.i386.bundle
VMware Workstation\pkg\VMware-Player.x86_64.bundle
VMware Workstation\tools-upgradersVMwareToolsUpgrader9x.exe
VMware Workstation\tools-upgradersvmware-tools-upgrader-32
VMware Workstation\tools-upgradersvmware-tools-upgrader-64



- Updated v6.5.2 build-156735

- Hidden more popups


- Updated v6.5.1 build-126130

- Re-added Tools


- Fixed typo (6.0.5->6.5.0)

- Removed Tools


- Updated v6.0.5 build-118166

- Removed all x64 and 9x stuff from both VMware and its Tools installers (NT x86 only)


- Updated v6.0.5 build-109488

- Updated Tools v7.2.9.3938

- Updated Docs


- Updated v6.0.4 build-93057

- No more pop-ups (Tips, EULA, VMTools or Warnings)

- Removed more files, including Japanese stuff


- Updated v6.0.3 build-80004


- Changed RebootYesNo=No switch to /norestart

- Readme is now .doc instead of .docx

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Hi rick,

Thanks for this but I have a few question should this be causing a reboot after install? and when I look at the Docs folder the Readme file is labeled Readme.docx and I can't read it? Also I did an install and right after it finished it rebooted the machine without asking? :thumbsdown_anim:

Edit: Ok Rick I figured out the docx its for office 2007 why the new format not everyone has office 2007? Still would like to know about the auto reboot.



Edited by dolivas
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Great job Ricks. I wish you could make Nero 8 addon maker too.
That would not be practical because everybody has different preferences, I think its better to use the autoit script by CeoCeo http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=664489

I even created a .mst that will let me install the DiscCopy on XP and I use it with that

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OH! its simple, you download autoit and install it, then you download the script and add your serial to it and stuff.

Then after you are done customizing the .au3 file you right click on it and compile it to a .exe

You put that .exe au3 launcher in the same dir as the nero installer and you run it.

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Yes thats the version I use it with... BTW if you want DiscCopy to install on XP I have a .MST file that will trick the installer to allow it to install on XP (for use with the autoit script only)

Edit your scipt and tell it to install CopyGadget

$75 = 1; CopyGadget

In the au3 script search and replace...

$SN &


$SN & ' TRANSFORMS="' & @ScriptDir & '\NeroDiscCopy.mst"' &

Place this MST file in the same dir as the autoit.exe and the nero trial installer

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