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[SVCPACK] VMware Workstation Lite 6.5.3 build-185404


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been a while since that post but in the intrest of sharing knowledge, RebootYesNo isn't all caps (global) so you can't set it from the command line, it also only controls whether the user is prompted for reboot, to quote from RogueSpear's tutorial on repackaging apps with admin studio :

'"RebootYesNo". I always set this to No. This will NOT suppress a reboot however. It only suppresses whether or not the installer should notify the end user whether or not a reboot is necessary'


'REBOOT (all caps) for the property name. Then click in the cell to the right of that and enter in ReallySuppress. This is what will suppress a reboot.'

so you can use REBOOT=ReallySuppress on the commandline or do the actuall edit with orca (or any other msi editor)

anyhoo, thanks alot for this wonderfull piece of work :)

****! looks like the RebootYesNo=No switch in config.txt does not work

Change it to /norestart and that should work

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Thanks for the update Rick but i'm haviung problems trying to download the tools


able to download now, so haven't a clue why couldn't download it before. Anyway thanks again for the update.

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Both links fixed

ty N1K for the transfer

Mate, we had problems only with your folder, we couldn't extract the contents after it was packed. So I had to manually download locally and upload all of your files to the new server.

Please check if all the required files are there, if not I will put a bomb on that old sh*** hosting servers.

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First thing i would like to state is that this is my first post and also that i am pretty new to this fantastic forum, secondly i would like to hold my hands up in pure guilt and state that it is probably me that has downed all the Add-ons from the forum over the past few weeks without so much as an acknowledgement or a thanx to all those wizards who build these brilliant Add-ons, the reason being that i work away from home all the time and have to grab these awesome pieces of brilliance at just a moments notice and so i think that i am well overdue as to come onto the forum expressing my sincere gratitude not only to all the wizards who build these masterpieces, but also to every member for their excellent help in helping others.

"Thanx Guy's For Everything".

Thankyou so much for this Awesome Add-on -Ricktendo64 - :thumbsup_anim:

It's very much appreciated Mate and works flawlessly.

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Thanks for a fast update rick.

btw there is a typo mistake on your first page. (am pretty sure) it should be VMware Lite v6.5.0 build-118166, not v6.0.5 :P


VMware Lite addon builder works like a charm, BUT it does not install the lite version of VMware on x64 OS (am on vista x64)

Rick, is this normal, not installing on x64 OS, or a bug with the builder?

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