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[SVCPACK] VMware Workstation Lite 6.5.3 build-185404


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hi rick! Ricks_VMwareTools7.8.5b156735.7z link is broken. i have an older ver: Ricks_VMwareTools6.0.0.45731_AddOn.rar. where could i get the latest pls? btw, VMware-workstation-6.0.0-45731 is what i have. would this update the vmware tools in 6 too? or would it cause conflict? thanks!

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i have another one ,

Size:1.73 MB (1,818,421 bytes) MD5:484eb5ab151f4b7a617cd0dee9f14383

some features is diabled ,some components is deleted,not expect it work flawlessly,i'll test it on a clean xpsp3 environment,just need some time to reinstall OS,

Any results of how well this new build tested? Just curious, as I will soon need to download the newest VMWare and want to "Lite" it.


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hi Rick,/e is enough to get an administrative installation,see page 43 of WS7 manual

To install Workstation silently

1 Open a command prompt and enter the following command to silently extract the

administrative installation image from the VMware Workstation installer:

setup.exe /s /e <install_temp_path>

setup.exe is the name of the installer on the installation media. If you are using a

downloaded installer, the filename is similar to

VMwareWorkstation-<xxxx>.exe, where <xxxx> is a series of numbers

representing the version and build numbers.

<install_temp_path> is the full path to the folder where you want to store the

administrative installation image.

2 Enter the following command on one line to run a silent installation using msiexec

and the administrative installation image you extracted in the previous step:

msiexec -i "<install_temp_path>\VMware Workstation.msi"

[iNSTALLDIR=<path_to_program_directory&gt] ADDLOCAL=ALL

[REMOVE=<feature_name,feature_name>] /qn



vmware tools is optional install by ditributed computer from an administrative installation image

the .exe just like silent installer

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I use InstallShield and its not going well, I cant make the very lite VMware anymore it does not work and dont have the time to figure out why its broken...

Ahhh man, thats really some bad news ricktendo64, your VMware Lite installs are absolutely wonderful!!

Thats a very understandable problem, I am forced to think that the VMware software makers / programmers / creators might have caught on to this, possibly and intentionally making it much harder for one to continue making the VMware Lite installs.

Maybe you'll be able to find solutions or workarounds and continue your awesome work with the VMware Workstation Lite, but if not its understandable. We really appreciate all your hard work ricktendo64, you are one really skilled individual and personally I thank you for all your hard work and the time spent creating the wonderful work that you do.

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i made one for version7 heavily base on Ricks version6 and i give it further reduce ,only work on x86 host,vmware tools not included,here is the MSI file

just put it into source folder extracted from download full installer,silent parameters still work for v7.

I'm building the latest VMWare Lite version v7.0.1-227600.

Do yr MSI file (v70.0-203739) will work with the v7.0.1-227600?

If NOT, may you be kind to let me know what to modify in that .MSI file?


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Anyone still making these I mean updated versions for vmware 8 or 9 I have downloaded VMware Workstation v9.0.0 Build 812388 Lite for Windows (EnglishRussian) uses NSIS with /S switch for silent install but I would like to be able to make my own when new versions of VMware appear.

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Working on Lite editions of v8 does anybody still use this?

I will need testers (my PC not compatible) to see if I removed too much, Ive gotten it down to 35MB 7z compressed (somebody with better CPU could probably compress it further)

I can help you with this. I really want the new version. Please let me know what to do. My PC is powerful :fun:

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