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[AddOn] Media Center Plus Programs for XP


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Media Center Plus AddOn for XP (a.k.a. Windows Digital Media Enhancements)

Info: AddOn includes "Windows Audio Converter", "Windows CD Label Maker", "Windows Dancer" plus a few Screen Savers (all have been ported from XP Media Center. It does not include "Windows Party Mode" Jukebox or any of the crappy themes, I removed those.)


MD5: 969C388AC31F11940D986FE52B638570

Size: 16.9 MB

Dancers: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...op/dancers.mspx

Here is how its done

Use an Hex editor to change the bytes 74 08 to EB 00:

CDLM.EXE: Offset 0xAED9
DANCER.EXE: Offset 0x4DA9
PARTYMODE.EXE: Offset 0x123E4
DAVINCI.SCR: Offset 0x7F5E
MYPIXDX.SCR: Offset 0x6B84
NATURE.SCR: Offset 0x88F5
SPACE.SCR: Offset 0x75F3

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rick, im gonna ask around some different forums and see if the space screensaver can somehow be fixed. im thinking its missing a .dll somewhere? i have a MCE conversion cd i got from demonoid that has these same files. ill check out the files on there to see if maybe the space screensaver is missing something.

as for the da vinci...its working for me, but definitely does not look good. for now i would leave it in, just to be able to say all the MCE extras are included.

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hey there,

i don't see it installed and am too lazy to check if it is a SP3 issue by doing a test with SP2. Has anyone tried this with any release of SP3 and did it work?

I'm trying it with SP3 v5503 and it's not happening.


i couldnt even get it to work with SP2....

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a little off topic but is there anyway to get the wmp visualizations from the microsoft plus pack (almost the same stuff as the mce addons) to work on xp without installing the whole thing?

i know when you try to register the .dll's it says you have to accept the ms agreement or something of that nature and won't register.

i thought maybe there was a hex/reg hack that would get them to work.

i can provide the files if someone interested.

thanks in advance.

p.s. thanks for the mce stuff for xp "ricktendo64"

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