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[AddOn] exFAT File System Driver for XP/2k3

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exFAT driver from Vista runs under XP and 2003

I'm not sure if it is supposed to or not, but it looks like you can force install the exFAT driver into Windows XP and 2003 installations. I'm not sure if this will work with newer Vista builds, but for testing out removable media between Vista and XP boxes, it can be a handy trick.

I'm sure it is extremely unsupported but I'm not keeping any mission critical data on any exFAT partitions yet anyway. :)

For the curious, exFAT is the new way to get around the 32GB FAT32 limitation in Windows (2TB in theory), which is not backwards compatible with FAT32, but is aimed to be simple enough to put onto embedded devices, cameras, etc.

Extended FAT File System AddOn for XP & 2003


Website: http://blog.tiensivu.com/aaron/archives/32...P-and-2003.html

More Info: http://www.micro-nova.net/Forums/viewtopic...?f=19&t=211

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ty to Fox for the nice find.


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Hi rick, thanks for this. It looks pretty cool.

Is there any difference in operation between that of your addon and that of the exfatXP.reg as described in the links you provided? (Besides your addon being able to be / needing to be integrated, and the reg file being able to be installed on an existing system.) Also, the 2nd link, the Vista one, shows being able to format a partition using a command, but the 1st link , the XP one, just says you will now have access to your exfat partition. Will the addon, or the reg file, enable you to format exfat partitions while in XP?

Cheers and regards.

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Hi ricktendo64. Sorry to be a pest, but you might not have noticed my questions above.

Is there any difference in operation between that of your addon and that of the exfatXP.reg as described in the links you provided?


Will the addon, or the reg file, enable you to format exfat partitions while in XP?

Thanks again in advance for your kind help and advice. I'm looking forward to playing with your addon the next time I reinstall.

Cheers and Regards.

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I haven't had a chance to test this because the monitor on my test machine blew up a few days ago (my last CRT :crying_anim02: ) but I'm pretty sure that this will only give the ability to read and write to an already in place partition. See there's more to a filesystem than 2 files and a registry entry. This is the driver part of it that will allow you to use the partition natively from XP but I seriously doubt there's enough there to be able to format with it. I'm still using my exfat partition that I created way back when I wrote that post and have had (almost) no side effects from it. The only side effect was I was using it to test one of my update packs with vLite and vLite failed to integrate any hotfixes into it (I assume vLite was looking for free space and couldn't read the filesystem and aborted). I use that drive on a daily basis to cover my tracks when I'm doing things I ought to not be doing. There is also Ext2 File System Driver for Windows that I believe is able to format for you. That's the one I really need to test out. Anyway, you may need to install Vista, create the exfat partition and then install XP with the exfat driver to use it. Also the command I used

format F: /fs:exfat /q /a:4096

is for a quick format. If you aren't in a hurry, you should probably use

format F: /fs:exfat /a:4096

to do a full format. I haven't actually tried installing any programs on exfat because it's non-joarnaling which means data loss or corruption is very possible if you are writing to the drive during a power outage.

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I am having a really difficult time deciding on which driver to use. Can someone help me out here?

The following three drivers have been released or updated within the last week so it's not like any of these are no longer in development. Halp? :(

1. http://www.fs-driver.org/

2. http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd

3. http://blog.tiensivu.com/aaron/archives/32...P-and-2003.html

They all seem like viable options. Does anyone know which one is best? There are also RVMi (or nLite, if you swing that way) add-ons for each of these.

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Does The MS Hotfix Allow XP To Create exFAT Partitions?

After i did reboot i still head the same shell32.dll

Maybe my shell version whase the wrong size ore something.

I did get the option exFat format but it didnt work for me. Probably did not work for me because of my non original shell32.dll version.

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