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What do you think of Windows 7?


What do you think of Windows 7?  

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This superbar is really something when you turn the Aero feature on. Absolutely fantastic. Download progress in the background of the IE icon, effects when switching windows from one program to another, nice, nice, nice and most important very useful!

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Guest DennyMK
Windows 7 I think is really good!

I like the look and feel of it.

feels abit vista'ish but overal

I love it!

shame i can't go on the internet....

does not find my network adapter!!! :(

but i don't mind.

as long as it gets better and fixes the bugs.

Same problem here :(

But hope for the best when final comes up.

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Guest DennyMK

:oops: I must change my statement about Win 7 beta 7000. I had problems with LAN with the previous beta. This one is perfect for me.

I'll test if all works like it should and I'll keep Win 7 as my primary OS.

Appogogize about my previous post :blush: .

So my vote now is I love it and excellent ;)

Cheers :beerchug:

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I think that when Windows 7 comes out.

It will be alot more better then Windows Vista.

I'm using it alot more now on my old Computer.

When I get my New Computer running i'll put Windows 7 64-bit on and see whats thats like.

Trying new things out, changing bits about and stuff.

I can't wait untill it fully comes out!

I like the fact you can have your Gadgets anywhere on your desktop. :)

Microsoft have set Windows 7 up alot better then in Vista.

Overall i think Windows 7 is way better then Windows XP and Vista IMO.

Windows 7 = Best Microsoft Windows OS out yet!

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Well, if Microsoft Update [they planning it in July, if they did that :P ] will update our Vista PC to 7, i will be happy..Windows 7 is very cool(i have touch screen(and big), which is now mult-touched..., I tried very much games, but some arent good(a bit unresponsive), but painting with 10 fingers is more funny :D ) Buy touch monitor and experience entertaiment, fun , real-time speeds and other :)

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To be honest, when I first installed it I thought "great, Vista sp3...". But the more I use it, the more I like it.

There's no great sweeping changes, but it's the little things I love. It's hard to be specific.

Have I drank too much of the Kool Aid? Possibly, but it's damn tasty! :)

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I have been using the x64 version of win7 as my main OS, and i have to say, its the best MS beta OS i ever used. Rock solid and stable, and more importantly runs very fast and smooth, with hardly any incompatibility problems. I really started to like the aero shake feature, (i found it annoying first..lol) and the superbar just makes life so easy as well. Overall its the best ms OS i have used, and cant wait for the rtm version.

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thanks for the link :thumbsup: gives alot of info.

personally I think they should of have just used 64-bit... like some people have said in that article.

Anyone else get the feeling that Microsoft should drop 32bit all together, and say from now on Windows 7 will be 64bit only. 64bit processors have been out for a while now, and I would argue that most consumer who are willing to upgrade already have a system that meets the 64bit requirements, and any new system sold will have a 64bit processor anyway. Even the Intel
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i think they should have gone strictly 64bit too.. but some companies take longer to transition

ram is pretty cheap these days. over here its pretty common to find deals on ram. rebates galore for 4gb dd2 for about $20 etc

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I don't think they should drop the 32bit because I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba L35-S2194, which is Intel Celeron M with 1GB of RAM... So until I get enough money to buy a 64bit laptop/desktop I will be stuck with using 32bit... :P There are tons of folks like me buying cheap lapatops from pawn shops to replace the one the fragged... LMAO, but I have plans for a new one, probably either Lenovo or Toshiba...

What I do like about Win7 is that it runs most of the Vista Drivers flawlessly, and since my Toshiba has upgrade drivers and is Vista Capable I tried Vista Home Premium, then Ultimate and then my tech friend in Alaska informed me of the Open Beta, I DLed a copy asap cause Vista was alright but hes been ranting for a while (6860 release I think?) and figure wth might as well... I was astonished, it actually got added to my list of awesome OSes next to Linux... :P

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I must admit I find some time to test this beta,I personally never tried vista not even on virtual machine,NEVER EVER! However reading all good and positive responds on this first public Win 7 beta I dare to do several test on my virtual machine before I go to live install. I was quite unsure what will I get from win drivers,thus I'm using raid 0 configuration. So all this was a bit risky for me but I say: Hell why not give it a chance?! And I must say I'm at least nicely surprised? AT LEAST! LOL I was more like :o I never thought that MS would do his youngster this good.

I manage to get BSOD while installing VirtualBox,later on I also had problems removing it to. :sweatingbullets: Tried some games they run with no problem as well. Avira Antivir,burning apps I did not find anything unusual other than that bsod mention before in these last three days since I'm using it. Maybe ALT+TAB (app switching) need bit improvement during "hard load". I wonder how would x64 perform... hmm..

In everyday use this system is very stable,not rock stable but stable and I doubt that many average users could find it hard to use it everyday. Even I can't get mad on it's bugs. I hope MS does not fill it wit crap on last RTM version... :)

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i switched from 64-bit xp to 64-bit win7.

Things I don't like:

-too many services running by default, and there isnt a convenient GUI for tweaking/disabling the ones you dont need (services.msc just doesnt cut it)

-win7 likes to randomly lock me out of deleting .exe files, even when im using the administrative account. killbox, unlocker, even killing explorer.exe doesnt work...i have to restart in safe mode to delete these files, which is quite annoying.

-WMP12 forces me to set it as the default program for several media-related file extensions, even though ive done everything i can to keep it from running

-WMP also auto-indexes everything i keep in my "Music" library even though i dont want it to.

-not that i expected anything super-stable, but my video driver is a prerelease version. so sleep/hibernate are extremely unstable. ive also had aero (dwm.exe) randomly crash and restart on me.

-dvd shrink doesnt work. at all :(

-alcohol 120 wont install.

-the new HomeGroup networking thing makes absolutely no sense to me...was it really that difficult to give all your computers the same domain name and just map network drives?

-just like on Vista, im locked completely out of opening certain folders even though im using the admin account. and yes I can edit permissions, but i shouldnt have to do that when its my computer to begin with.

Things I do like:

-Installation was easy...Win7 even managed to install drivers for everything but my video card. And when it installed wireless it let me enter my network's password so I was connected the first time I saw the desktop.

-Geerally speedy. Boot time seems to be a second or two faster, and windows itself seems to be pretty responsive.

-I'm using the superbar instead of rocketdock which means more simplicity and one less application running

-Some of the aero effects seem a little silly, but ive actually been using lot of them and have to admit they are pretty useful.

-Easy to shut UAC, windows defender, and action center (security center) completely off.

I'll probably stick with Win7, but still I would really like to see MS take all the feedback they get seriously and actually DO something about it.

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So far I like it (excpt the taskbar is not black, and I cant enable aero because its on a vc).I dont like the right click menu for the taskbar, it is elevated off of the bar when right clicking on your tabs and has a bunch of things that are not needed. The quick launch is also not default enabled. Another thing, the scrollbar in the startmenu doesnt work sometimes (doesnt move or gets stuck). But you can still scroll through with up/down arrows and mouse wheel.

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