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Windows WinStyle 2009 - Translation project

George King

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Hello everyone,

I´ve started this topic, because i (and a lot of our) want Windows WinStyle 2009 in English or other language. I´ve downloaded Windows XP SP3 RU + WMP11 + IE8 and patched files, but some files i haven´t got...

FINISHED .RES creating here:

Archive contains

[i]OK[/i] - translated .RES
[i]RU[/i] - need translate
[i]ENG[/i] - original english files from install CD


Here are 432 patched files of 444 :D




Original topic about WinStyle:


Now i think this is work for:







All peoples are invite ;)

I think best method to make WinStyle 2009 ENG is as .RES like XPTSP

Please start work on creating .RES files and translating BMP´s :welcome:

I found JPG´s on which is moonlight I think it will be usefull for making templates for transtaling.




HERE are all BMPs and AVIs which need translate:


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Nice. I started on ".RES"-ing too. And I've gathered all of the patched files (I think).

I'll share my results as soon as I finish.

Very cool :thumbsup_anim: I now have patched 438 files and cleaned - i mean deleted menu, version, etc... I think i will finish making .RES on today night :)

I´ve missed only this files, don´t know where i can get it :rolleyes:

Zmshtml.exe (mshtml.exe)
Zmsrating.exe (msrating.exe)
Zoccache.exe (occache.exe)
Zwebcheck.exe (webcheck.exe)

And i also started topic here:


Translating dialogues will start after all .RES-ing

Which editor you are using? I cleaned files with restorator 2007 and saving into .RES i doing by Resource Hacker - because by Resource Hacker is quickly for me :sweatingbullets:

EDIT: Finished creating .RES i have 450 .RES and 6 files missing (posted up). Now i will short it if must be edited dialog and graphic files :naughty:

EDIT2: Now i have shorted it and i will extract IMGs and AVIs which need translate a¨nd post it here. And i will start translating dialogues...

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I cant do it, have too much work to do as is

I cant explain but since I have been using Vista and Windows 7 I have grown very fond of XP's look...dunno why but it seems perfectly fine now, before when I did not have Vista or Windows 7 is when I wanted to transform XP into them but now I am quite happy with how XP looks & preforms

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Original topic about WinStyle:


http://www.forum.oszone.ru/forum-106.html ;)


http://depositfiles.com/ru/files/kxooigfk7 to the templates & files of WinStyle 2009, all needed in archive. If I have forgotten nothing :)

But you should get information about work with program, special designed for WinStyle - it's WinstyleMonitor ( http://www.forum.oszone.ru/thread-145914.html ), that giving WinStyle some "chips" in XP and it has no analogues with its capabilities, implemented in one of lots Transform-Packs or projects.


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