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Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0 BETA


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I have noticed that some users (Russian) have been translating W7T into their own language, please stop! I ask because i am receiving numerous error logs (all in Russian) which i can't understand so therefore can't fix the issues. Thanks.

Were this and this kind of logs also removed? I was using version 52 when I captured those from Reaper's addons integration sequence...

Thanks, i'll remove those and release. They are not errors just debug messages.

EDIT: Try v55.

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It has nothing to do with religion,these are general advices by which u can build patience & do better coding .

About thinking --


1. Think well and do things, and also that thinking should be done at once(if possible) to reduce errors and not while working because u will lose concentration.

Bcoz recently also in your change log there was a mistake - *Tweak: "Alwats" shows

2.Increase patience, which makes even difficult work easier. Ex: is your own lord Jesus who was crucified to death

which he tolerated.If not possible to build such patience at least...and whenever u lose it recollect this example.

3.And If u are hearing/reading a great point instead of writing it,-- recollect it in the memory

again and again as u read,by which one never forget things .

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Hi Liam,

when do you fix the problem:

"Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011, 20:15

Hi Liam,

delete Support folder and Delete Upgrade folder is not listed in Component Remover.

"Windows 7 Toolkit" von Legolash2o mit Anleitung"

"Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 20:48

Simply forgot."


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w7t - all-in-one-tool

I selected all x86 images in my win7 AIO dvd.

some tweaks, components, wallpapers and themes.

I saved presets to an .ini file and all done.

I open all-in-one-tool again and load the ini file.

All tabs ok but wallpalers tab !

Wallpapers tab has theme packs list not my walpapers list :g:

Walpapers tab is the same as theme packs tab.

Anyway I remove the wrong themes list and add my walpapers to the walpapers tab again. :grin:

May be a bug.

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