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This tool lets you create addons for Windows 7 Toolkit, this tool has a lot of potential, more than people realize! Used correctly, this tool can have your progams pre-installed after Windows installation.

This tool is the most complex, but you becomes very easy to use ones you get your head around it but this is not for the faint hearted. So good luck!

Note: I will only be covering the basics!



This is one of the easier screens and is pretty self explanatory and i'm pretty sure you can figure this out.



This will copy file to the mounted wim image when someone adds this addon. So go ahead and click 'Add Files' at the bottom.

1. Click the folder button and browse to the file you wish to copy.

2. Select the destination, you can choose to a pre-defined area and then add '\\filenameyouwant.exe'

You can also type it in manually like 'C:\Windows\System32\RunOnce.exe' but you would not type the beginning 'C:\' so it would be 'Windows\System32\RunOnce.exe'



Same as above, select the folder you wish to have installed and then select where you want the folder to go.


Add any *.reg files you wish to have installed or required for your addons, some users use a program like InstallWatch which tells you what registry/file changes where made to your computer during an installation. You then export the registry changes and import them here.

Delete Files


Type in the location of the file you need deleting for example 'Windows\System32\Example.exe'



This is where you can create shortcuts for the program you made. You can just copy and paste a pre-existing shortcut from an installation in the 'File' tab and tell it where it needs to go i.e. Desktop.

You don't need to use 'Icon' if the exe you pointed too already has one. Also 'Arguments' is mostly left blank as you don't need anything like /s /q /quiet, etc..



This is for commands which you want to run after Windows has been installed.

It doesn't seem like it has alot of potential but trust me it does! Used correctly, you can do anything with this tool.

As mentioned above you can use InstallWatch to record what an installation does, so that you can use that information to make an addon which then has that program pre-installed when you have Windows installed.

Any questions about this tool (not bugs) just post in here and i will try to reply.

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Hi! I'm trying to integrate some additional software into the installation using the addon maker and then applying them through the All-In-One Integrator.

But I don't get my addons to work. The copied .exe files and necessary folders become copied to the right places. But I also want to run the .exe to have the programs installed unattended right after windows is installed. In the addon maker I put my *reg files (which installs the software if applied manually) in "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce]" using regedit. But i think they gets cleaned out as the computer restarts during the windows installation. How do/did you make your addons to install unattended?

Happy for any response or screenshoots of anyones addons. :-)

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I'm trying to integrate ClipName into my Windows 7 SP1 x64 image using the addon maker in WT and the applying it through the All-In-One Integrator.

Their is no setup.exe involved, just a simple .INF files that I can install manually by right clicking the .INF and selecting install from the context menu. Here's what I have so far.

I created an addon with tasks to add clipname.dll and clipname.inf to x:\program Files\clipname. The only thing I cant figure it is how to get Win Tookit to install the .INF file. I read that I can do this by invoking a command, but I'm still not sure if this is the way to go about this. Is their a registry entry i can import on the addon that will invoke the .INF to install on first run?

I was thinking something like this might work?


Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Just my thought...

Try running inf in RunOnce which support REG_EXPAND_SZ and you can use variable instead of hardcode path like C:\PROGRAM FILES.

E.g In case of dual boot OS, something the OS might not install to C: drive. It could be D or E drive.

In Everything Search Engine, post 11, I have a simple batch to create RunOnce key using REG_EXPAND_SZ variable.

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ive looked online for this type of guide but not found none

converting a silent sfx exe to wa addon to use with windows 7

so sfx exe is pre installed with windows 7 installation


ive converted quite a few programs to silent exe files using SFXMaker


i dont want the sfx exe's installed at first logon like using the all-in-on-intergrater.


i have a list of sfx exe's i want to convert to WA addons so the silent sfx program exe's will pre install with windows

just wanted to know the correct way to use the WinToolkit addon maker to do this


many thanks in advance for any help on this

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Hello to see whether you are so kind to help me when you added the .reg of the program i'm going to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareUltraIso (in this case being the program of the example the Ultraiso)i right mouse button and chose export the .reg and this .reg is that must be added to the Addon Maker?

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Good tutorial my frnd but I want to ask you that how can ii make a google chrome addon, Ihave tried but not succesful i had tried using a batch file script

Thanks in advance

The best of using the Silent Installer option.


Hello to see whether you are so kind to help me when you added the .reg of the program i'm going to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareUltraIso (in this case being the program of the example the Ultraiso)i right mouse button and chose export the .reg and this .reg is that must be added to the Addon Maker?

Yeah, that's pretty much how you do it.  Once exported, just add that reg file to Addon Maker and it should do everything else on its own. :)


Hi. Can you make some addon for me?

I don't tend to make addons. There's a small team of people who makes addons.




Theres a topic at the top for addon requests. I have no idea how often it gets checked but it's the best place to start.

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Excuse my English is not good translated by Google Translate
I application ACDSee Photo Manager 12 want to wa in when you install the software creates a folder to Program Files and folder in the ProgramData of the homonymous
When create a wa homonymous folder Ryplys

How do you do that two folders are not Ryplys







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