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Here’s another tip for the Joomla users out there in the WEB.

When trying to delete a template like you’ve used to do it in previous Joomla versions you might receive the following error message:

Cannot delete last style of a template.

You’ll receive this error if you go to Joomla Administration | Extensions | Template Manager

Once there, when you mark the desired template and click on the delete button, you will receive the message stated above.

This is because you are actually deleting the Style of the template and not the template itself.

To delete the template please do the following:

Go to Joomla Administration | Extensions | Extension Manager | Manage

From the Select type drop down list select ‘Template

Click on the green check mark for the template you want to delete to disable the extension.

Once disabled, put the check mark next to a template you want do delete and hit the ‘Uninstall‘ button from the right top menu.

If you’ll still have problems with uninstalling a template, please post your comments below.

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2 Responses

  1. Wiwax says:

    Thank you for sharing your smarts. That was very helpful and I was able to finally get rid of the practice templates I uploaded.

  2. Jan Tholenaar says:

    I mistakenly deleted a template file directly from my server folder instead of following the correct protocol for joomla 2.5. As a consequence of this mistake the file still appears in my template manager and I cannot delete it correctly becase the file exists no more. How can I correct this mistake ? Can someone help?

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