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  1. ^ You're very welcome mate, well good luck anyway
  2. ^ LOLMFAO! may the king of pop rest in peace...though... Edit: Sorry but i'm still confused here, come on seriously is he really gone or? Some people said that it's a hoax...argh :crying_anim02:
  3. Keep up the great work Komalo! Best Regards - Amirz :)

  4. By the way you can also get more free giveaways legally from this site (daily updated with notification email for the member but usually with longer time/more than one day for every offer unlike GAOTD): http://for-free-on-internet.com/category/shareware-promos/ i've already been a member of it, anyway good luck.
  5. Really awesome work MANIKANT.S.GUPTA :icon_cool: thank you!
  6. Sounds cool, can't wait for the upgrade thanks N1K
  7. Another credible/trusted forum said that Windows 7 RTM scheduled for July 13, 2009 which info is true
  8. Very nice find thanks MANIKANT.S.GUPTA, i'll tell some of my friends and family asap who still didn't get the software yet from the first promo :thumbsup_anim: Edit: Lol seems it's just expired now, replaced with another free program from Corel. Still thanks for the info and nice try
  9. AMIRZ

    Heya =]

    Welcome to Wincert. My sig is even very slim in size than before (self editing hehe, just because of the same reason "strict" as above) but it's not really a problem at all for me since i'd prefer to always be part of this cool forum
  10. ^ You're asking that how to get BSOD? ... :confused02: ???
  11. Yeah! Nice to hear that! Thanks for the info :thumbsup_anim: Btw it's also my girl friend's birthday, W7 box would be a nice birthday gift for her lol
  12. Thanks for sharing this giveaway! I'd always love anything which is free and legal :thumbsup_anim:
  13. Really very useful and valuable info as always thanks again MANIKANT.S.GUPTA :thumbsup_anim:
  14. I meant a tool that can easily create msi installer i.e in simpler way + GUI for my own program setup
  15. Same here xD (+Xp MCE 2005 on my 2 years old Toshiba laptop, as the original OS, although it's Vista ready) :thumbsup_anim: Welcome Windows 7 and Long live Xp!
  16. Very useful info thanks alot :thumbsup_anim: although i'm not a student anymore Lol Rick please keep it bro thanks :thumbsup_anim:
  17. Just wait for the RTM (or maybe SP) and see... :thumbsup_anim: upgrading or not, i'll still keep Xp...
  18. Oh so sweet, "late is better than never" lol :thumbsup_anim:
  19. RC is getting very close to RTM, usually not much different anyways
  20. Thanks for the info, so is it really good? Never tried or used any security product from MS before though
  21. Wow seems 10 Mb/sec (or maybe even higher) is still just a nice dream here lol (with my own provider above that is in my city/country) , however some of my neighbor provinces have already got the faster connection speed up to 7-8 Mb/s just with the same ISP (central) and price etc, still dunno why, it might be caused by the less people/users etc
  22. Hey Siginet really? Wow it's so nice to meet and know you here bro :thumbsup_anim: yeah i agree with you 100 % and still prefer all their old songs too over everything hehe although the new stuffs are not still bad anyways just like what you said... Ontopic: Hopefully MS would be also offering us another chance to get free W7 and Office 2010 copies just like what they had been doing the same with Vista and Office 2007 almost 3 years ago (through Power Together campaign) anyway wish us all the best of luck
  23. Or maybe either a good Windows installer maker/creator with comprehensive GUI and simple features etc personally i'd love it too... Anyway hopefully it/they would work fine on any Windows OS too (e.g 98, Xp, 2003, Vista, 7 etc) :thumbsup_anim: Btw sorry for just making double posts, but i've just got this that as a different idea thanks again
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