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[Alky] Windows Sidebar Installer [August 1 2007]


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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for this ricktendo64, I had the sidebar working on this Gamerman XPProSP2 Black edition & then it stopped working. First tried all the pre-requisites installed agian... no good.

Man it was driving me nuts, then I installed VAIO and your sidebar installer after & PRESTO it works!! Thanks again dude, you're a legend. BTW I had a genuing Vista copy running on this machine & got hooked on it, but had to pull it out as it did not support my ATI9250VIVO card (no DX9). So, the need for ported sidebar.

You rock!!

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Im a newbie, sorry for the stupid question, how do I install the addons? I unzipped the IE7 addons and wm11 but no clue how I install them as well as viao, I was looking page by page to see if there is any tutorial in how to install everything step by step but I coudnt find any, thank you in advance.

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Hi rick, how come i cant view the other gadgets?

Here's a screenie.

I already did whats written in the read me.

I ran the RegSidebar.CMD but still i cant see the other gadgets.

Seems like RegTLib did not take

OK try this:

Open a Run Box and paste this into it


Open Run Box again and paste this into it

"%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar"

Now "Physically" Drag and Drop sidebar.exe Into regtlib.exe Executable

Now Restart Sidebar

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This is a great program. I installed this morning (forgot to uninstall the RTM one I had and all heck broke loose but sorted it out) and during install, I got a missing .inf error message. Sidebar works fine so what do you think was missing?

Could it be because I have not yet installed IE7 (I run Miranda chat so I am looking for the ieview fix before I upgrade)?



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Thanks for your reply rick.

I did what you just told me to, unfortunately, it didn't do anything, i still cant see the other gadgets.

I like this a lot and i hope you can help me resolve this problem of mine. :)

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  • 3 weeks later...


I just installed the sidebar and instalation went smooth and is working perfect!

Its amazzing to have the Vista sidebar running under Xp.. I have been quite Busy

Dl lots of cool gadgets and it looks just like my other Pc that is running Vista Ultimate.

Thank you!! a Million!

I have ran into a small problem maybe someone will have a quick fix.

I downloaded the skin package at the top of this thread and when I tried to patch the

sidebar exe file I got a wrong version error...

Any help ?

Thanks again..


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Patch the sidebar.exe file that is included in the zip not the one in Windows Sidebar directory... Then copy it to the sidebar directory overwriting the current one then right click on it and choose patch & run vista executable

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I have been looking for this for so long i was previously using thoosje's sidebar

till i found this. :thumb_yello: Thanks so much ricktendo64 :thumbsup_anim:

Edit: Btw I just spotted the newer version 22 june is there any major differences?

If i was to install that do i uninstall the current one and install the new

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i have this error and i can't complete the installation :


i have everything installed

(VAIO. Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, Wireless LAN API, MSXML)

so what the problem guys?

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