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[Repak] Universal Extractor


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The current installer freezes in the update process. Please update asap.


Also, the latest version,, has in the UniExtract.ini has an ''update=0'' option to disable updates. Please use it by default in your repack installer, as it's the most annoying update feature ever, and also can cause problems.

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The installer is bugged. As you can see attached, if the language files box is unchecked, even the english.ini is removed from installation queue, and so gives me that error.



Also, I see you insist on keeping that update feature, in the app I see the ''update=1'' intact. Why?



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I need to figure out the inno code to add the option to turn off auto updates


Added hability to disable automatic updating during setup and also added /noupdate switch

For you RN, your options to not install additional languages, turn automatic updates off and install silently you would use

<installer>.exe /COMPONENTS="!lang" /VERYSILENT /noupdate
If there are other default settings you want to turn off via cmdline let me know, I can show you how

Edit: updated

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english.ini moved to the folder lang. You can not delete the folder lang.
Last 4 options off components can not be used. Optionality of these components are not supported in the script, they must be installed carefully.

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Hello, Rick
Looked at your installer, some observations:






1 Uncheck the option (2) will cause a program crash when decompressing the relevant archives.
1.1 After the update, all these components will still be loaded into the program folder
1.2 After uninstall programm these files will not be deleted and the program folder itself will not be deleted, too.

2 Uncheck the (1) renders meaningless the combobox (4). The user can not select nor any language other than English, as other language files will not be in the program folder.

3 Part of the text is not got into the line (3).
3.1 Why should edit the file UniExtract.ini, if all of these settings can be made in the program dialogue (Tab "Options")

4 Taiwanese.ini (5) is missing in the program, as Taiwanese=Chinese (Traditional)


5 In the program there is no automatic update. The program has only a manual update. No need to scare people. They are very afraid, when the program itself, without their consent, is connected to the network and makes something out there.
5.1 This item removes the checkmark from the "Offer updates every (days)".

6 Items in the context menu (7 and 9) produce the same effect - decompression to folder. Why do we need two points?

7 Item in the context menu (8) - is bad place!
I have a folder "My Downloads". In this folder, many loaded (right) files. I decided to unpack one of them - test.7z. I use the item (8) and get the dialogue "Warning: Destination directory %s already exists! %nExtraction in a non empty folder can lead to an unpacking error.%n%nClear contents of folder before unpacking?". I click "OK" and ... folder "My Downloads" is deleted and all its contents. I'm crying and cursing the fool-developer (gora). :(

8 The usefulness of (10) is very questionable for me ...


9 Multiple conflicts accelerators
I can fix for you Russian language file. If you need one, of course.

Edited by gora
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1- Will investigate issue

1.1+1.2- Yes, update will download all lang ini files. I cant fix that but I can fix the uninstall issue in the next installer

2- I don't have the coding skill to fix this, will need to see if somebody can help fix it

3+3.1- This is left over from the 1.6 installer source

4- I noticed the Taiwanese, it actually had Japanese text. I will remove it (this is also left over from the 1.6 installer source)

5- I know its not actually automatic updates, the reason I use it is because I don't know how to make a box to adjust the days and I can use the translation for "Automatic Updates" in shell32.dll string table #32165 from multiple languages of XP

6- Same result but 9 begins the extraction to a sub folder instantly/silently and 7 opens the program but then you have to push extract button

7- Yea I know, that has happened to me

8- Very useful to me, example Shark007 Win7/8 x64 components is compressed with inno setup but in unconventional, it has 1 EXE and 2 BINs, to extract I open a cmd prompt and run


innounp -x -m -a <filename>.bin
Having the <uniextract_dir>\bin folder added to PATH makes it possible to use the uniexctract bin tools manually from the cmd prompt

9- Yes please, fix the Russian accelerators if you can (its OK if they conflict, just not the ones on the same page)


[Installer]; Components pageCOMP_DOCS = "Документация и информация о лицензии"COMP_LANG = "Языковые файлы"COMP_ACE = "Поддержка файлов ACE"COMP_KGB = "Поддержка файлов KGB"COMP_PEA = "Поддержка файлов Pea"COMP_SIT = "Поддержка файлов StuffIt"; Preferences pagePREFS_CAPTION = "Опции программы"PREFS_DESCRIPTION = "Какие опции Universal Extractor'а нужно установить?"PREFS_LABEL1 = "Можно установить следующие опции по умолчанию."PREFS_LABEL2 = "Эти опции могут быть изменены после инсталляции путём правки файла UniExtract.ini."LANGUAGE_LABEL = "Язык по умолчанию"DEBUG_LABEL = "Расположение файла отладки"APPEND_EXT_LABEL = "&Добавлять отсутствующее расширение файла"HISTORY_LABEL = "&Сохранять историю архива"REMOVE_DUPE_LABEL = "Удалять &дубли файлов"REMOVE_TEMP_LABEL = "Удалять &временные файлы"WARN_EXECUTE_LABEL = "&Спрашивать перед запуском файлов"AUTOMATIC_UPDATE_LABEL = "&Автоматическое обновление"; Tasks pageASSOCIATE = "&Интеграция в контекстное меню Проводника"ASSOCIATE_FILES = "Добавить 'UniExtract &файлы' в контекстное меню"ASSOCIATE_HERE = "Добавить 'UniExtract &здесь' в контекстное меню"ASSOCIATE_SUBDIR = "Добавить 'UniExtract в &папку' контекстное меню"ASSOCIATE_FORCE = "Принудительно &ассоциировать со всеми поддерживаемыми архивными форматами"MODIFY_PATH = "Добавить Universal Extractor в System &Path"DESKTOP_ICON = "Создать ярлык &на рабочем столе"QUICK_LAUNCH_ICON = "Создать ярлык &на панели быстрого запуска"SENDTO_ICON = "Создать ярлык в 'Отправить...'"; Context Menu integrationEXTRACT_FILES = "UniExtract &файлы"EXTRACT_HERE = "UniExtract &здесь"EXTRACT_SUB = "UniExtract в &папку"
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