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[Repak] Universal Extractor


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 1.1 1.2 Not only the language files, but and the files noninstall components.

5 You can use:

Reminding of necessity of updateReminding of necessity of update every (7... 30) days. The period is set to "Options" tab

 I corrected and added a few options, you can add it to the installer.


For context menu in the Win7 can add icons. You can also make a cascading context menu. You can take a look at that option here (http://forum.oszone.net/post-1384379.html#post1384379). Click "Инструментарий для создателей аддонов:" in the post.



 Yes, German and many other languages ​​have not completed yet
Information for translators here (http://forum.oszone.net/post-2133004.html#post2133004) and here (http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=131643&sid=6bd7d1b020bc297cf1a14750fd408472#131643).
Send me the language files in the archive, and only in an e-mail with your e-mail address, which must be specified in the ini file, the line:

; Author: Forseti <xxxxx@yyyyy.zzz>
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File: uniextract172.exeCRC-32: 97352a1b   MD4: d8af699cd39f6c553e6145381dff40b4   MD5: 2cb120a511924c1ca1b0c14207679103 SHA-1: 75848f531518f0d97385c70682286a25252a670d

Version of UniExtract.exe is

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As a big fan of Universal Extractor who has been just updating the bin directory with the latest Inno, upx and 7zip files, I decided to download the latest version from the link in the first post.  Before installing, I extracted the setup file with my old version of U.E and uploaded the main Uniextract.exe v v1.7.8.90 file to Virustotal.  It had a malware/trojan score of 8/46:





Baidu-International          Packed.Win32.Autoit.H

Commtouch                     W32/GenBl.83A3B1CA!Olympus

Comodo                          UnclassifiedMalware

ESET-NOD32                  Win32/Packed.Autoit.H

Kingsoft                           Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud)

Symantec                         WS.Reputation.1

TrendMicro-HouseCall     TROJ_GEN.F47V1026
VBA32                              Trojan.Autoit.F


Jotti's analysis had 3 positives:





I also zipped the bin folder which contains all the unpackers and scanned that.  That had a score of 6/47:






I don't have the time to upload the files one by one.  These could always be false positives, but I'm surprised it hasn't already been discussed in this thread.  I would like to use an updated version of U.E., but these positives are troublesome. 

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