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  1. Those are the forum ranks you get with the higher number of posts/contribution to the forum.
  2. This topic was last updated 10 years ago. WPIW doesn't exist anymore.
  3. Hi Nirav, welcome here
  4. Yes, this is how it works. The scan has finished, you just didn't see the jump from 95%-100%. If you suspect that your hard drive is not operating properly, you can still use some of the third party apps to check it out: https://www.lifewire.com/free-hard-drive-testing-programs-2626183 Regards, Nik
  5. Welcome, Baltasar! Hopefully, you'll be an active member of this community
  6. Microsoft Windows Vista – Extended Support Ended on April 2017.
  7. Yeah, could be the browser. I am using Chrome.
  8. You can remove it. I've just edited the topic with your permissions and clicked just after the mention, then hit BACK twice on the keyboard and you'll remove the mention.
  9. Hi toptek, sorry for this, we'll take a look into it. Regards, Nik
  10. Change Citrix License Server via Registry View File This registry key will change the license server on your XenApp servers. Please have in mind to change the "server name" part before applying this key to your XenApp servers. Submitter NIM Submitted 03/17/2018 Category Citrix
  11. Man, nice to see you again, it's been a while!!! How're you doing
  12. Can you please the English language on this forum? People can't help you if they can't understand you. Regards, Nik
  13. Please search the forum before posting. This has been already discussed here: Regards, Nik
  14. Event ID 4738 and 4798, but I can't see any info regarding the change in those event ID's. Like this info isn't logged at all. For the server OS, the ID is: 4781
  15. Can you provide more information on what you're trying to achieve?
  16. I just did a fresh install, I'll see if this issue is gone now with the updated Intel Management Engine driver. Cheers!
  17. Did anyone had standby issues with the version 1703? My PC often woke up from standby mode without any user intervention. Was that a known bug or just my hardware/software combo?
  18. https://www.microsoft.com/hr-hr/software-download/windows10
  19. Ah OK, that explains it. I hope my statement didn't sound insulting to you because that was not my intention
  20. @Jan Krohn Before the upgrade to 3.X that took place almost two years ago this forum was using subscriptions. The forum was always free, but one could subscribe and become a sponsor. Once a member selected one of the available packages Paypal has automatically created a recurring payment profile. We haven't had many subscription packages active in the past and most were canceled or became inactive several years ago. Two subscription packages remained active though and were closed this year (bphlpt and pennsylvaniaron). pennsylvaniaron probably had a serious amnesia and forgot that he was the one who chose to subscribe and donate $10 to support the forum :). With the upgrade to IPS 3.x, subscriptions module was removed from the forum and we had to implement a sidebar donate button. I have now checked for active supporters and I have removed katie-joy, Cartman586 and BYTE-ME from the sponsors' group as there is no recorded subscription for those users. Although, we also had the policy for the users who have donated to Liam (WinToolkit Developer). Those users also became sponsors even though they haven't donated to the forum directly. So, to conclude bphlpt and pennsylvaniaron (both canceled packages this year, but remained active), and Thiersee who is donating via international transfer using an IBAN account, are the only current supporters of this forum. If you want, I can send those donations to you Jan. @Thiersee Thanks for your generous support and contribution for all these years. I kindly ask you to send the next donation to Jan Krohn.
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