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Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack En-US FINAL

nonno fabio

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When using the Onepiece AIO Addon, with the Remove Addons and IE8 Cosmetic Addon, together with the RVM Integrator, do I enter these three pieces of software as "UpdatePacks" or as "Addons" at the RVM Integrator "Main" tab, or does it not matter which I enter them as ? Thank you.

Use "RVM_Integrator" to intergrate the "Onepiece AIO Addon" as "update Packs" alone until it is done, thereafter,intergrate the removal Addons one by one as "Addon packs" not "update Packs" ......

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Hi all,

I am having this issue when using RVM 1.61 Beta 2.1

What is the error about:

00:41:57 - CabLite.dll::CabFile reports failure

Anyone can suggest a best method I can integrate ACHI to the BootCD?


Should I use RVMI to integrate the update pack and SP3 and Driverpack, then use nlite to integrate the achi driver? Or the other way round, Nlite with the ACHI first then RVMI the update and SP3 and driverpack, or just use NLITE for all processes.

00:34:56 - Checking Destination For OS Type.

00:34:56 - English - Windows XP Professional x86 - OEM SP2 Found

00:34:56 -

00:34:56 - Extracting OnePiece_Windows_XP_Post-SP3_UpdatePack_v5.5.1_ENU.7z

00:35:27 - MD5 Hash = 766bfbee9cfcb8c6ede9b849592f2587

00:35:27 - Clearing any Read Only Attributes.

00:35:29 -

00:35:29 - SP3 for Windows XP needs to be slipstreamed into the destination.

00:35:29 - Asking user for SP3 network install file...

00:35:32 - Slipstreaming SP3: WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe

00:36:10 -

00:36:10 - Verifying service pack level of destination...

00:36:10 - English - Windows XP Professional x86 - OEM SP3 Found

00:36:10 -

00:36:10 - Gathering temp files

00:36:10 - Integrating Windows XP Professional Files.

00:36:11 - 20 Files Moved in 0 Seconds

00:36:11 - Expanding driver.cab

00:36:54 - CabLite.dll::CabExtractAsync reports completion [code=00001152]

00:36:54 - Expanding SP3.cab

00:36:56 - CabLite.dll::CabExtractAsync reports completion [code=00000170]

00:37:05 - Copying/Moving files to driver.cab

00:37:06 - Copying files for driver.cab repackaging. - drivercab_copy

00:37:07 - Moving files for driver.cab repackaging. - drivercab_move

00:37:07 - Compressing Files

00:40:20 - Processing new .CAT files found in SVCPACK

00:40:27 -

00:40:27 - Shifting Stuff Around

00:41:57 - CabLite.dll::CabFile reports failure [code=00000004]

00:42:23 - 1724 Files Moved in 115 Seconds

00:42:23 - Analyzing 1 Entry Files

00:42:23 - Processing OnePiece's Windows XP Post-SP3 Update Pack v5.5.1 Build Date: 2012/02/21

00:42:23 - Gathering Sysoc Entries

00:42:23 - Gathering Dosnet.inf [Files] Entries

00:42:23 - Gathering Dosnet.inf [Files] Entries - XP Pro Only

00:42:23 - Gathering Dosnet.inf [Files] Entries - XP Home Only

00:42:24 - Gathering txtsetup.sif [sourceDisksFiles] and [WinntDirectories] Entries

00:42:25 - Gathering txtsetup.sif [sourceDisksFiles] and [WinntDirectories] Entries - XP Pro Only

00:42:26 - Gathering ExtraFileEdits Entries

00:42:26 -

00:42:26 - Preparing System Files...

00:42:26 - sysoc.inf

00:42:26 - svcpack.inf

00:42:26 - dosnet.inf

00:42:26 - txtsetup.sif

00:42:32 -

00:42:32 - Processing ExtraFileEdits

00:42:32 - Processing Sysoc.inf

00:42:32 - Adding Components

00:42:32 - Processing svcpack.inf

00:42:32 - Processing dosnet.inf

00:42:32 - Modifying any SP?.cab areas in dosnet.inf

00:42:32 - Editing [Files]

00:42:46 - Editing [Files] - XP Pro Only

00:43:05 - Processing txtsetup.sif

00:43:05 - Editing [WinntDirectories]

00:43:07 - Editing [sourceDisksFiles]

00:43:09 - Editing [sourceDisksFiles] - XP Pro Only

00:43:09 - Modifying any SP?.cab areas in txtsetup.sif

00:43:12 -

00:43:12 - Compressing Files ASMS...

00:43:18 -

00:43:18 - Processing [EditFile]

00:43:19 - Entire .ini Processing Completed in 56 Seconds

00:43:19 -

00:43:19 - Compressing and Moving Edited Files

00:43:19 -

00:43:19 - Processing mmssetup.cab

00:43:19 - Expanding mmssetup.cab

00:43:19 - CabLite.dll::CabExtract reports completion [code=0000000A]

00:43:19 - Processing mmssetupcab_move

00:43:19 - Found and Moved new files into mmssetup.cab

00:43:19 - Rebuilding mmssetup.cab

00:43:20 - Rebuilding mmssetup.cab complete; 10 files compressed.

00:43:20 -

00:43:20 -

00:43:20 - Rebuilding driver.cab

00:46:03 - Compressed 4784 files into driver.cab [code=12B00001]

00:46:03 -

00:46:03 - Rebuilding drvindex.inf

00:46:03 - Rebuilding drvindex.inf Complete.

00:46:03 -

00:46:03 - Moving Files

00:46:03 - Replacing driver.cab

00:46:05 - Cleaning Up.

00:46:05 - Integration Completed.

00:46:05 - Total Integration Time = 669 Seconds

00:46:05 - ==================================================================================

00:46:05 -

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Use "RVM_Integrator" to intergrate the "Onepiece AIO Addon" as "update Packs" alone until it is done, thereafter,intergrate the removal Addons one by one as "Addon packs" not "update Packs" ......

So it does make a difference whether I use the "UpdatePacks" or "Addons" functionality in the Main tab ?

And the correct approach is to use the "Ryan VM Integrator" as follows :

1) integrate the 'Onepiece AIO Addon' and the 'IE Cosmetic Addon' together as "UpdatePacks";

2) separately, following the completion of 1), integrate 'Remove Addons' as "Addons", one by one on consecutive integrations.

Is this correct ?

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After using this last update package on a clean "Windows XP Pro SP3 N" ENU source..

I got this error messages after startup the system:


rundll32.exe - Unable To Locate Component


This application has failed to start because framedyn.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.





Error loading srclient.dll

The specified module could not be found.






..and a lot of system softwares either missing or does not start,

specially "Windows Managment Instrumentaion" service

I tried both "RVM Integrator" &"nLite"

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Update Pack updates the WMP11, I think this maybe the problem (in "Windows N" WMP is not present), serves to remove the WMP11 from Update Pack and try again, When will enter Nonno Fabio online explain more better




tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

Hash MD5 E8C5238F1A87E15D1869BFAB815C39F1

Filesize: 296 KB (303935 bytes)


tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

tabdownload.png Update (03 March 2012)

Hash MD5 2583173F8BE4F7A1137949C2EA867204

Filesize: 352 KB (360615 bytes)

Sorry for my English


Edited by OnePiece
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  • 4 weeks later...

Is there a way to remove Microsoft Security Essentials using the unattended file ? sorry if this was answered before, but couldn't find the answer after searching this topic.

OnePiece and nonno fabio, great work on this, thank you so much for keeping it up to date, this pack really saves a lot of time for me...

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Nor, as far as I know, is it ever automatically installed from anywhere. If you want MS Security Essentials I thought you had to specifically ask for it to be downloaded and installed. So, like nonno fabio, I also do not understand your request, @razvi. Why do you need MS Security Essentials to be removed? If you don't want it, then don't download and install it.

Cheers and Regards

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  • 3 weeks later...

I had been trying to rebuild this update pack for polish version of Windows XP using newest available DXUPAC (DXUPAC_3A1DE4093C401050F8726575C20F0251.exe). Unfortunately I got serious issues with Windows Installer. I am unable to install for example Diskeeper and Microsoft Office - exact error number is 1719. I have already tried all solutions I found online without success, so tried original update pack (version 5.7.0) on clean english Windows XP SP3 source and faced same issues.

Both were integrated using newest RVM Integrator beta (1.6.1b2.1).

Until now I had been using pure nLite method to build my XP discs (mainly QFE updates, drivers integration and some components removal) without bigger issues (just some of updates - those which nLite could not integrate properly had been installed via RunOnceEx). I got tired of adding updates to RunOnceEx so would like to try update pack method. Even without further processing of image produced by RVM Integrator I am not able to use it :(

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first post should be in the introduction forum, not a question of updates

what do you think about this sir/madam

Sorry sir/madam, ou can delete my post them!

Anyway thank you for your warm welcome.

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Yes, XP UpdatePack will be continued.

Onepiece is very messed with his work in the last times and he had some problems with his PC before but I hope a new build will be released this month.

I thank you both Onepiece & you nonno Fabio for this excellent work and I would like to take this opportunity to say that my question above post #526 has nothing to do with some kind of pressure or else it was just a question.

Thank you again for your kindness and the hard work.

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