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Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0 BETA


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I'm fascinated with this program for some time ... it's time to thank you for your work and make a humble contribution ...

Thanks and regards ... ;-)

Estoy fascinado con este programa desde hace algún tiempo... ha llegado la hora de agradecer tu trabajo y hacer una humilde aportación...

Gracias y saludos... ;-)

Número de confirmación: pixel.gif 6V1006168M104715X

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while I was trying to slipstream updates with ldr/qfe option for my win7, some updates gave me error: Windows Package Manager: "Operation failed with 0x80070005 Access denied."

before slipstreaming:

- I used W7T for tweaks, removing very unnecessary packages (e.g. DVD Maker, Video & Audio Samples), some add-ons

- After using W7T, I used sysprep to install some updates which can't be slipstreamed (e.g. .Net Framework 4 (with updates), DirectX,), install some tools

P. S. : I using W7T in Windows Developer Preview <

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I think you're supposed to integrate updates first however if its not happening to them all it's probably updates for the packages you have remove.

I THINK this is correct. Updates and drivers first. Then addons, tweaks, and removals. Then sysprep.

Cheers and Regards

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What to expect so far for build 53 (not released yet):

*NEW: Black Viper presets for tweaks.

*FIX: AIO Tool will import reg files properly

*Tweak: Change CMD Text has more options.

Just working through all the requests so if you have any requests and/or ideas then now is the best time :)

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What does it say under "Details" and "Origin"? I'll try NIS 2012 trial to see if i get the same thing.

EDIT: NIS says it is safe, must be 2011 version, ill try and check that too :)

EDIT: NIS 2011 works fine too, make sure you have the latest updates installed for it :)

What was you doing at the time that NIS popped up?

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What does it say under "Details" and "Origin"?

I could't delete w7t from my NIS2011 antivirus and SONAR exlusions list to see "details" and "origins" tab again because the list is empty ! :ranting: I could't find w7t in history neither. :g:

What was you doing at the time that NIS popped up?

I downloaded w7t on my desktop and extract. Run as administrator. When it finished checking for updates, norton blocked and deleted it to the quarantine.

Can your NIS be fake? :)

Really? How can I understand? It is 90 day trial downloaded from symantec.

Anyway, I think that is not an important issue.

Thanks answering.


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Clicking the download button got me W7T103-52B.7z - should it not be W7T130-52B.7Z ?

Extracting the download and then running the program showed the version correctly - minor glitch but it could mess with someone.

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Download link seems to be broken... :g:

If you click it it will offer image download, and definately its not directing to download page... :rolleyes:

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This same old error is back and it is due to a bug in the forum software. To get around it, until it is, if ever, fixed, right-click the Download image/button and choose open link in a new tab/window. That will always work.

Cheers and Regards

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I'll try and do it for KB2533552, i don't know any others which require silent.

Done, in fact it will automatically add it to the silent install list :)



for IE Desktop Icon


for "White CMD Text" Does not Selection Option "a1" "a" vs....

Sorry, please explain what you want me to do? I've added the options for 1a and a in the tweaks section.


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What to expect so far for build 53 (not released yet):


*NEW: Black Viper presets for tweaks.

*FIX: AIO Tool will import reg files properly

*********Tweak: Change CMD Text has more options.*********

they come with v53?

When we want to add a program for all versions would not it be more logical to use the $ oem $?

Setupcomplete.cmd better not to do with adding and Addon?

Instead of adding the program to Version 11

How to throw an idea into the $ oem $

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v53 released

*NEW: Black Viper presets for tweaks.

*Tweak: Change CMD Text has more options.

*Added skip button on startup form (splash)

*Added new IE9 MSU links

*W7T will add some updates to silent installer if they can't be integrated

addons are different, addons can directly install the application before Windows installation. Although i do think some addons do u silent installer like .NET 4

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I get a popup displaying some reg changes and a OK button when integrating an addon:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Reapers .NET Framework 4"="%DVD%:\\Apps\\Reapers_Dot_Net_Framework_4\\Reapers_Dot_Net_Framework_4_AIO_x64.exe*"

"W7Toolkit"="W7TRunOnce.exe /autoclose /autostart"

I guess this is just a debug message?

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      Es posible agregar/remover componentes, actualizaciones y controladores en multiples sesiones.

      Descomprimir la ISO con 7zip
      Para desbloquear todas la versiones de Windows 7; eliminar el archivo \sources\”ei.cfg”
      Opcional: eliminar lo siguiente:
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      * Opcional: Eliminar versiones que no queramos con Wim Manager de Windows 7 Toolkit:

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      * Seleccionar la/s Imagen/es a Actualizar/Modificar con All-In-One Tool (selección múltiple disponible):

      Agregar Actualizaciones:
      Hotfixes (los Integrate to installation media y Not integratable to Offline image no se integran)
      W7T agrega ​KB2533552 para instalarse en el primer inicio de Windows.
      [*]IE 9 + Hotfixes – IE9 Language Packs

      El orden sería: IE9, Hotfixes, LangPack (para el langpack es necesario descomprimir el msu y agregar el Windows6.1-KB982861-x86.cab).
      Ej. Renombrarlos de esta forma para que se integren en orden:

      [*]Adicionales (sólo algunos se pueden integrar)

      * Crear Desatendido y guardarlo en lo que sería la raíz del DVD:

      * Creación de la ISO:

      1. Señalar la carpeta que contiene el instalador del Windows 7.
      2. Señalar la carpeta donde se creará la ISO.
      3. Etiquetar la ISO.
      4. Crear la ISO.

      * Probando la ISO con VirtualBox (RAM 768, Memoria de Video 128, HDD 20GB) :

      Obs: El Tutorial puede sufrir cambios...

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