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  1. S&M v1.9.1 Gorki_AddOn_SnM_290308.rar 3701FFED5E47B1F81031D3FD59F5F733 Note: Install directory "Utilities",addon is also uninstallable.
  2. This app is standalone utility and it has all entries and files included to operate normal so you dont' have to download any file. And it does not replace standard derag application.
  3. Yes MrNxDmX,thanks for info. I forget to update dl link since wincert had some problems before with codes. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. :thumbsup_anim: That's really great news N1K!!! I'm very glad for you... :prop:
  5. Thank U cro-man! Anyone tried it? Any comments on subject?
  6. Well you could check here I hope it helps...
  7. Cool and interesting addon MrNxDmX! Thanks!
  8. Welcome PSPman! I hope you enjoy your stay on Wincert forums
  9. Cool *Reaper*! I really like it and need it too! Thanks!
  10. Wincert.net had some ishues with uploading code so they had to be removed. It's fine now,I also updated my addon.
  11. It's not easy and requires lot of editing and addon making skills... It would be too much to do for someone who don't understand it. :type:
  12. LOL I don't! :doh: But first sentence I do understand!
  13. Shure you can...you have to go to skin folder (Maximized and Minimized) and edit skin.ini file...you can open it with notepad and search this line: Edit font size that you wont save and restart TT again to take effect It's not problem to make it default...the problem is to satisfy all (user) needs... :sweatingbullets:,I see no problem change it on first logon...since it's already there and it will stay on next logon... Please be patient I'll add some updates...as I see there are many skins and I'll also try to test them all so I'll be certain that they work with curent (0.8.5) version... Stay put... :icon_cool:
  14. Whoohooo..nice one mate... I'll see what can I do? Any special requests?
  15. I'm not shure on what skins are you referring to but I know that this latest TT update has complete rebuild even,skins are made different way. and I did already include all skins in pack available from creator...
  16. I'm glad it worked out for you. Sorry for my late reply...
  17. Ok what you need to do is this. Firs uninstall previous release,then extract .cab content anywhere on your comp. Then go there and right click on TrueTran.inf and choose install. This way you installed application. You will see that entries are there in Utilities section.
  18. Yep that also, and copying from optical drives (DVD ROMS,etc) is also faster... I keep my OS and all other data on RAID I have enaugh space for OS and other stuff, movies,iso files... Everything works fine and smooth. I'm using Asus P5B Delux MBO with onbard raid controller.
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