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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows 7


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Each new hotfix rollup contain all previous updates, some of them are not even published


last rollup have these KBs:




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The two new security updates KB3023224 and KB3035490 are already included in the rollup


I've updated my W7Pro-x64 image (.NET already integrated) with Win Toolkit. After installing these 2 updates are the only ones showing up in WindowsUpdate. In Win Toolkit I can only add .cab or .msu. These updates come as .exe. Extracting gives .msp and I can't extract that. I'd like to make my image fully up-to-date.


Could you please explain how to get these updates as .cab or .msu?

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Please excuse me for asking a (maybe) silly question.


If the latest update is 3063911 (as written on the first page) where do I find it since my windows update does not offer such a update.


OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 with your "dotNetFx452_x64.W7.20150416.Regular.wa" and a updated OS (with WinToolkit which works just great!

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Hotfix rollups are not offered through WU, they are found using there KB articles

and those rollups are cumularive updates, meaning they already contain and supersede earlier updates and some "not yet published" security updates



as for KB3063911, it is the name that appear when you check installed programs

but the rollup is released under KB3064711

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Thanks abbodi for the update!

Noob question: does extracting netfx_Full.mzz from .Net 4.6 Framework setup exe and copying it into dotNetFx46_x**.W7.20150722.WA\v4.0.30319\SetupCache\v4.6.00081 make it the "Full" addon version (with offline repair support)?

(using Win Toolkit's Addon Maker to make the changes, of course)

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