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  1. Perso j'ai cette liste: Dim hideupdates(20) 'TO ADD 1 EDIT THE (11) AND ADD another hideupdates(#) ' https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/3150513/latest-compatibility-definition-update-for-windows hideupdates(0) = "KB3150513" ' https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/3021917/update-to-windows-7-sp1-for-performance-improvements hideupdates(1) = "KB3021917" ' https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/3068708/update-for-customer-experience-and-diagnostic-telemetry hideupdates(2) = "KB3068708" ' https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/3080149/update-for-customer-experience-and-diagnostic-telemetry hideupdates(3) = "KB3080149" ' Silverlight hideupdates(4) = "KB2512827" hideupdates(5) = "KB2526954" hideupdates(6) = "KB2617986" hideupdates(7) = "KB2636927" hideupdates(8) = "KB2668562" hideupdates(9) = "KB2977218" hideupdates(10) = "KB3056819" hideupdates(11) = "KB3080333" hideupdates(12) = "KB3106614" hideupdates(13) = "KB3126036" hideupdates(14) = "KB3162593" hideupdates(15) = "KB3182373" hideupdates(16) = "KB3193713" hideupdates(17) = "KB4013867" hideupdates(18) = "KB4017094" hideupdates(19) = "KB4023307" hideupdates(20) = "KB4481252"
  2. Version 19.04.29  DNSQuerySniffer v1.76 HWiNFO v6.04 AppNetworkCounter v1.15 ScreenToGif v2.17 LiveTcpUdpWatch v1.16 ScreenToGif v2.17.1 CrystalDiskInfo 8.1.0 SIV v5.38 UninstallView v1.25
  3. J'ai testé l'intégration avec l'UL du mois de Mars en supprimant KB4489878 et en ajoutant KB4493472, aucun autre KB prioritaire demandé (à part le bout de SP1 comme d'habitude) Testé avec WinToolkit sur une image de Win7 x64 Pro, et réalisé sous Win7 x64 Pro, tous les KB sont bien intégrés dans l'ordre.
  4. Merci Effectivement tu as raison pour le guillemet.
  5. I see. Maybe they think everyone have a Facebook account ?
  6. I haven't (and don't want) a Facebook account, so I can't enter this giveaway...
  7. Version 19.03.29 GPU-Z v2.18.0 WhoisThisDomain v2.41 Process Monitor v3.50 SIV v5.37 CPU-Z v1.88 Rufus v3.5
  8. That's good news ! Thank you for the info Thiersee, if you can, please keep posting here when a new version is released.
  9. No, they simply skipped the version 13 (MS seems to be superstitious), so the real new version should be 15. 2005 is v8 2008 is v9 2010 is v10 2012 is v11 2013 is v12 2015/2017/2019 is v14
  10. Version 19.03.14 AppNetworkCounter v1.12 IPNetInfo v1.85 Autoruns v13.94 HWiNFO 6.02 LiveTcpUdpWatch v1.15 GPU-Z v2.17 WhoisThisDomain v2.40 Don't Sleep 5.15
  11. I didn't knew the downloader already had the functionality. I don't see the point to match the original hash, the original file was downloaded from Microsoft so we already know it's legit.
  12. For Win7, you could explain that removing the file ei.cfg will make any iso a "multi edition" or "universal" disc. Maybe adding the function in the app could be a good idea. Kai Liu have developed some utilities for that: http://code.kliu.org/misc/winisoutils/ Check ei.cfg Removal Utility, it is released under BSD license and the source code is in the zip file.
  13. Yep, quantum was just a marketing term, used to signify that Firefox was "new" with the v57, but it always was the "normal" version. Note that you can download pretty much every version with my tool.
  14. Privacy-wise, it's a good thing to have one less third party.
  15. That seems reasonable, I already post my creations in both English and French section
  16. I read French and English, and I prefer reading English than a badly translated text in French. For the international forums, just consider they are an other forum, I don't go in Turkish or Italian section, only French and English.
  17. Thank you for opening the source Lego, I hope someone with coding skills will want to fork it.
  18. Version 19.02.14 AppAudioConfig 1.10 HWMonitor 1.39 WizTree 3.28 NetworkLatencyView 1.62 Don't Sleep 5.11 DNSQuerySniffer 1.75
  19. DNF 4.7.2 x64 installé en live par dessus la version précédente, tout fonctionne bien. Merci icare.
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