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[14 janvier 2020] Update list GDR pour Windows 7 SP1 x86/x64 (Fr-En-De-Es-It)

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Yes, it's normal. The reason it is listed twice is that when you have a Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise Edition and you want to use the Convenience Rollup integration method, only this update of the 3 of present in this Category is needed, and if you forget to include it, it will be asked. On the other side, it's useless when you don't have a Pro Edition... It's a big dilemna !

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tested the way with Convenience Rollup.

x86-HP on VM:

WU asks for SP1, installed KB2533552 (even if it was under Runonce-SFX), request has gone.

After DC: uninstalled KB2534111, KB2857650 (RDP), KB2923545, KB3004375 (HP!), KB3020388, KB3075226, KB3080079, KB3126446.

Restart, new search: no new requests.


x64-P on VM:

Only UL: WU asks for KB2603229 (component, only 36 KB?).

After complete install (some extra KBs, like for x86), WU asks for SP1 (KB2533552) and KB971033.

After DC: same as for x86 (of course no KB3004375).

Now let's wait until tomorrow...

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Thanks for report. Most of updates cleaned in your test are from RDP 8.1 Category, KB3080079 is an optional update. KB971033 is Windows Activation Technology. Surprisingly, it isn't requested in x86. KB2533552 wasn't requested in my test using setupcomplete.cmd. But according to abbodi1406 it is no more needed as it's the case for KB2603229 (thanks for the info, I only made a x86 test) : we can hide them or integrate them to satisfy WU...

In my previous test, all RDP 8.1 requested KBs were only KB2830477 and KB2592687 (Prerequisite KB2854819 is included in Rollup). I'll have to edit the info concerning RDP, or create an new RDP category for Convenience Pack, or more simplier move the non-required RDP updates to the Classic integration Update category. Same thing for Optional Updates : except the 3 concerning IIS, FTP and Telnet for those who want to activate the feature, updates before april shouldn't be integrated when you use Convenience Rollup Pack : KB3102429 and KB3080079 are included in Convenience Rollup.

It begins to be very difficult to maintain these ULs without complicating the things !


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2574819 is in the rollup, but to integrate 2592687 2830477, it depends on 2574819.  Since the rollup is usually the last update to integrate offline, you'd still need integrate 2574819 to enable RDP 8.1 ... so I would keep 2574819 otherwise you won't be able to integrate RDP 8.1 offline.

if that makes sense?

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Yes, I agree with you.

An other solution is to integrate RDP updates after the Rollup, I haven't tested yet. But in this case, I'll need to change their name (leaving RDP-Windows6.1xxx.msu makes them integrated first).

I'm thinking about the problem : putting numbers before the name of the updates could be a good compromise : 1- for prerequisites, 2- for updates before Rollup, 3- for the Rollup itself, 4- for the rest. But you'll need to completely reDL the updates.

Rollup doesn't need to be integrated at last (updates after april can be integrated after it).

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2 hours ago, Thiersee said:

KB2574819 is already present in the UL, even it's superseded by Convenience Rollup!

Have a look here, post #10467 (abbodi1406).

Yes, I agree, I was just trying to suggest to keep the 2574819 as it is, in RDP - I wondered if the discussion/thought was to remove it from the UL.

Abbodi states lower down in that post that 2574819 should still be integrated, first, during the RDP integration...

This rollup is causing a bit of a headache, generally speaking.  I really wish MS would have done a better job of this.  Still, I'm thankful at least they provided this rollup.

Thanks to you guys for maintaining these ULs. 

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Made new tests on x86 (HP) & x64 (P) without the by DC uninstalled KBs, added the old WUClient and KB971033 in the "Common category":

I confirm the previous tests, no request from WU, only KB2603229 with the size 36Kb.

DeepClean uninstalls now only KB2534111.

Let's see, what will happen tonight ;).


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No, I mean the three .CAB-files


<!-- WUClient self-update composants -->

<update id="WUClient-SelfUpdate-ActiveX-x64" category="1" publishdate="2014-07-09" article="">
  <update id="WUClient-SelfUpdate-Aux-TopLevel-x64" category="1" publishdate="2014-07-09" article="">
  <update id="WUClient-SelfUpdate-Core-TopLevel-x64" category="1" publishdate="2014-07-09" article="">


From abbodi140's explanation (post #10467) of the Convenience Rollup


WUClient cabs (superseded, but still checked by WU on each search session as fail-safe)


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On ‎3‎/‎22‎/‎2014 at 10:02 AM, rhahgleuhargh said:


Voici des Update Lists (UL) x86 et x64 à utiliser avec la dernière version de Windows Update Downloader (WUD), en partant d’un ISO de Windows 7 SP1.

Elles reprennent le principe des mises à jour proposées par mooms dans son Update pack, à savoir qu'elles contiennent uniquement le minimum de MAJ requises pour n'avoir aucune demande de Windows Update après intégration et installation. Si vous ajoutez le .Net Framework 4.61, ainsi que MRT, aucune mise à jour prioritaire ne sera demandée par WU.

Les mises à jour des programmes supplémentaires (Silverlight, etc...) ne sont pas incluses, utilisez plutôt les sfx du site (l'avantage est que vous aurez la dernière version à jour).

Pour ceux qui ne veulent pas migrer sous Windows 10 et ne veulent pas les mises à jour de télémétrie, lancez en dernier le script HideW10KBs. Vous pouvez aussi installer GWX Control Panel (mais ce programme ne concerne pas les mises à jour de télémétrie) ou Never10 (même inconvénient mais moins invasif que GWX Control Panel).

Certains ont reporté des erreurs SFC avec Wintoolkit (ça dépend des tweaks et des programmes ajoutés). Vous pouvez ajouter le script SFC.exe après HideW10KB dans la liste des programmes à intégrer pour lancer automatiquement la vérification après installation.

Ces listes ont été testées au préalable en MV avec Windows 7 SP1 Professionnel avant publication. Attention : il est possible que certaines KB soient obsolètes si vous utilisez une autre édition de Windows 7 (ex. : KB2973351 est inutile sous Windows 7 Home Premium). Dans ce cas, faites un nettoyage de disque après installation, et signalez-moi les KB inutiles (je ne teste que la version professionnelle, je n'ai pas le temps pour les autres).

Les instructions pour WUD sont dans le fichier Read-me.txt.

Pour intégrer le Convenience Rollup Pack sous Wintoolkit, il faut faire passer KB3020369 et KB2670838 dans la section "Prerequisites" de Wintoolkit.

Credits : mooms pour l'idée du pack et les scripts pour créer les installateurs silencieux, abbodi1406 pour ses infos sur les mises à jour, gillesg pour l'utilisation de WUD, icare pour les SFX, Thiersee, Pink_Freud, Dareckibmw et les autres pour les différents retours et coups de main.


@non-french users :

Here are x86 and x64 Update lists for WUD based on mooms Update packs and configured to be used with Win Toolkit. The purpose of these ULs is to integrate the minimum updates required, so you won't have any update asked by Windows Update after integration and installation. These ULs don't include Silverlight and .net Framework 4.x, but you can DL their updated version in the Installer Repack section of this forum and integrate them via "Silent install + SFX" section of Win Toolkit. With .net framework and MRT integrated, your Win7 installation will be up-to-date. Some updates can't be integrated offline, they are renamed zWindowsXXX.msu so you can find them easily and integrate them via "Silent installer + SFX" section of Wintoolkit or via Setupcomplete.cmd. For those who don't want migrate to Windows 10 and install telemetry related updates, just run HideW10KB script at the end of installation. You can also install GWX Control Panel or Never10 to definitively block W10 migration (no action on telemetry related updates). Some people have reported SFC /scannow errors after integration ; to check it, add the SFC.exe script after HideW10KB in the list of programs.

These ULs have been tested in a VM with Professional edition of Windows 7 before publication. But if you use an other edition, some KBs may be useless (ex. : KB2973351 for Home Premium) ; in this case please perform a deep clean after installation, and report obsolete KBs in this topic (I only test Professional edition, I have no time for the others). Please have a look on Read-me file in the archive for more information. If you don't write french no problem, most of us understand English !



2016-06-08-Read me.txt

2016-06-08-Win7-Post-SP1 GDR-x86-MULTI.ulz


2016-06-08-Win7-Post-SP1 GDR-x64-MULTI.ulz

for some reason the June 8, 2016 files (ulz) for x86 and x64 are giving errors in WUD "illegal characters in path". I never had an issue before..


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Win7 Pro X86 Test result (not roll-up)

KB3162835        replace  KB3153731 (Timezone update)
KB3161561        replace  KB3156417 & deepclean KB2536275
KB3161664        replace  KB3153199
KB3161949        deepclean KB2888049
KB3164033        replace KB3140735
KB3164035        replace KB3156013

KB3160005        replace    KB3154070

Windows 10 Spyware Updates
KB2952664   /
08.06.2016 v18

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Thanks. In my case, WU sucks, I only succeeded to obtain updates from Rollup test machine : IE 11 KB3160005, KB3159398, KB3161561, KB3161664, KB3161949, KB3161958, KB3164033, KB3164035, KB3162835 ; Optional KB3139923 and  KB3140245 are  now marked as "important".

Links are ready. I just wait the results of "classic" VM to begin the tests.

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