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FREE / HOME / PRO Editions


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I've decided to go through the free / pro editions.





  • All-In-One Integrator

Updates, Drivers, Wallpapers. Failed updates will still go to Silent Installers list :)

  • ISO Maker
  • USB Prep Tool

HOME [£$€ 5]

  • No advertisements on links.
  • All-In-One Integrator

Wallpapers, gadgets,Tweaks, Theme packs, Silent Installers

  • Converters
  • AIO Disk Creator
  • Addon Maker
  • Basic Windows 8.1 exclusive ISOs

PRO [£$€ 15]

  • Everything else
  • Full All-In-One Integrator (all tabs available)
  • ESD Support (well converter anyway)
  • Live OS support
  • WIM Registry Editor
  • Unattended Creator
  • All exclusive ISOs

I best get back to programming :P


Can you think of anything else which should be free or in home edition?

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I think that "All you can add without the program to moddify something" should be free including prepared silent installers. Also the KB's that need to go to silent install should be also free.

All other things where you need the program to do something to create or extract / convert or something should go for Home or Pro.

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I Would be fine with hardware id's, but for me i often change stuff like hdd's so.. depens for me what hardware id is gone be used.

Though how would a hardware id check stop a crack ? simply nop the check and its done.


Back on topic, i am fine with a pro version, 15 euro ? sure, i need the esd support so.

Not really need but want :P.

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For part of my project I will be experimenting with different protection methods so hardware IDs would be tested too.


ESD support would only be a converter as there is no way in getting past mounting an actual ESD without converting it first.


lego can you add future to the converter like convert esd windows dvd into to an normal install.wim or convert the esd dvd to an iso to install .esd format too 

that becuse there msdn iso came in esd format by default .

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The ESD converter will let you convert esd to wim and wim to esd :) The ISO Maker will function work with either. :)


I had a question why wintoolkit can use it on dism from windows 8.1 AIK the total size is 7+ mb withe compersing its less than 1.3 mb .

is this will help in speeding the WTK work by any way or maybe the defualt dism it's just fine :g:

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WTK can't use it at the moment. For someone reason I can't use WIMGAPI to get the amount of images inside the install.esd. DISM.exe can get the amount of images but for the life of me I can't find a way to get it via a wimgapi/dism.dll or any other dll call.


I've posted on the MSDN forum but not response yet. I can't even start ESD support until someone answers that :'(

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Are the prices OK? :)

More than OK!


I would suggest you to set the prices separately in GBP (your currency), USD and €; I would say:


5 GBP (or 7 € or 7,50 $, depending on change) and

15 GBP (or 18 € or 20 $, depending on change)

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I agree with your seggustion abbodi , the wimlib is much faster than the dism , but is that will make any limitaion to WTK ,  

an other thing this mean re coding the hole WTK to be suiteable with wimlib

I ment to ask him about wimgapi issue, not to use wimlib instead :)




prices looks OK to me.

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